Second Babies Are Better Than Number One

Actress Jessica Alba became a mom for the first time three years ago when her daughter Honor was born. This past August, she had number two, and the actress -- like many other moms -- agrees that number two has been a whole different game than number one.

"I'm more relaxed," Alba says, echoing the sentiment any mom of two can share. Hard as it is to be a mom of more than one child, the second baby is infinitely easier than number one in so many ways. There is less worry, less stress, and less of a learning curve the second time around.

My second was born just a year and half after my first, so I was still learning how to be a mom. Still, it started early.


During my pregnancy, I was less strict with myself. I stopped running in month 3 of my first pregnancy just to be safe, but I ran all the way through my second one. I ate brie made with pasteurized milk and veggie sushi. Nothing happened.

When he was born, I immediately was working again, nursing him and bouncing him as I went. With my first, I barely left the house the first four months. With my second, I was out within days.

There are many ways adding baby number two is exponentially more difficult, but this isn't one of them. I was happy to take hand-me-downs. I wasn't interested in the top of the line Bugaboo stroller, but in the best used double. I wanted used clothing and as much of it as I could find. It was a much happier place to be and full of much less guilt.

That said, there was some guilt, too. With my first I did infant massage classes and playgroups. We did baby enrichment programs and all kinds of music appreciation classes and other things no one ever does by the time baby number two rolls around.

It's a mixed bag, that second baby, but for all the joy of number one, I liked being an experienced mama 100 times more. It was just a more pleasant experience for everyone (including my poor husband).

Were you more relaxed with baby number 2?


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