CafeMom Reveals the Top Baby Names of 2011


new year babyCan you believe it's already time to tally up the top baby name trends of 2011? Me neither! I don't know where this year went, but thanks to the annual CafeMom baby name poll, I do know what thousands of you decided to call your little bundles of joy. And guess what?

Mason Disick really is a trendsetter! His name comes in at #4, and I can't say I'm surprised. The soon-to-be big brother has an impressively versatile moniker, both modern and classic. Another not-quite-shocker: Jacob is still going strong at #11. (I am somewhat surprised that neither Taylor, Edward, nor Robert made the top 50.)

Of course Twilight's influence can be noted over on the girl's side, with Bella at #37. A bit farther down the list, but still in the top 50, is the one name I really was surprised to see ... 

Neveah ("Heaven spelled backwards"). Personally, I never heard this name anywhere except the reality TV show Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School, but apparently I've been missing out on something pretty big!

Dying to see if your baby's name made the list? Here they are -- the top 50 names of 2011 for boys and girls.


1. Liam

2. Noah

3. Logan

4. Mason

5. Jackson

6. Joshua

7. Hunter

8. Aiden

9. Isaac

10. Evan

11. Jacob

12. Matthew

13. Elijah

14. Cameron

15. Ethan

16. William

17. James

18. Connor

19. Alexander

20. Gabriel

21. Lucas

22. Benjamin

23. Gavin

24. Brayden

25. Zachary

26. Anthony

27. Nathan

28. Landon

29. Luke

30. Jack

31. Carter

32. Tyler

33. Jeremiah

34. Andrew

35. Wyatt

36. Michael

37. Jace

38. Owen

39. Dominic

40. Colton

41. Jaxon

42. Hayden

43. Caleb

44. Joseph

45. Levi

46. Oliver

47. Nathaniel

48. Ryan

49. Carson

50. Blake


1. Sophia

2. Emma

3. Olivia

4. Chloe

5. Lily

6. Madison

7. Amelia

8. Isabella

9. Abigail

10. Aubrey

11. Aubree

12. Ava

13. Emily

14. Natalie

15. Zoey

16. Alexis

17. Addison

18. Samantha

19. Sophie

20. Elizabeth

21. Peyton

22. Hannah

23. Zoe

24. Charlotte

25. Maya

26. Gabriella

27. Kylie

28. Hailey

29. Grace

30. Avery

31. Mia

32. Lilly

33. Allison

34. Evelyn

35. Kaitlyn

36. Brielle

37. Bella

38. Ella

39. Audrey

40. Audrey

41. Kaylee

42. Sydney

43. Autumn

44. Serenity

45. Scarlett

46. Nevaeh

47. Alyssa

48. Lucy

49. Aria

50. Mya

Where does your baby's name fall on the list?


Image via Emily Killian Molina/Flickr

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britt... brittnicole2509

My daughters name is Adalyn Grace and it NEVER appears on any baby name lists!

Kayle... KayleeBear

Yay my DDs name is Kaylee, and I am happy it was 41 on the list.  I like common names, but I didn't want 5 other Kaylees running around in her class with her.

Kritika Kritika

My dad's name is Robert Edward. I am entertaining Sophia and Amelia for my girls but that's mainly because they're popular names for my specific heritage.

casan... casanderson1

Mines not on there yay! Can't wait for my little Cavin to get here. :)

Mrs.M... Mrs.Morgan

Whooo hoo not on the list But Audrey is on there twice same spelling.

Nikko... Nikkole95

Am I the only one that saw Aubrey on there twice? All 3 of my boys names are on there. My twins, Noah and Logan, made the top 3 :( It certainly wasn' because I wanted popular names, I just loved the names! I don't think they are that p[opular in my area anyways.

Melis... Melissa042807

My son's name is waaaay down on the list, which surprises me because it feels like every time I turn around I'm encountering another little boy with the same name! LOL

nonmember avatar heather

My baby girl is 6th on the list woo hoo Madison :)

kiras... kirasmommy11

Nope my dd's name is kira niobie. Nowhere on the list :)

Passi... Passion_of_Fire

Im due in march but my baby name didnt make the list. My 6 year olds name is Emyrald (pronounced emerald) and the baby is going to be Penelope. Neither name is on the list.

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