Radiation Is Showing Up in Formula


formula japan recallSometimes after time creates distance between a disaster and your awareness of said disaster, it's easy to forget all about the people who are still suffering. Which is why this new information about radiation being found in baby formula in Japan is so shocking. We're still seeing ill effects at the Fukushima nuclear plant and its surroundings, and as higher than normal (which is scary phrase) radiation levels are found in milk that is given to babies as young as 9 months, it really hits home.

Parents already worry about the safety of our children, but when you're in an area susceptible to earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear meltdowns that can cause your children to develop cancer, well, that's when I might throw in the towel. 

Even though experts are saying it's not an incredibly high dose, this radiation, called radioactive cesium, can cause a lot of damage in a tiny body. Or as one person pointed out, no one would want to give it to their child, no matter how small the dose.

Babies are rapidly dividing cells and reproducing more radiation damaged cells they'll live with forever. This radiation can permanently infect their bodies and wreak havoc. The milk has been recalled, but since the only way this type of radiation can get into a supply is through "nuclear fission from a nuclear reactor or spent fuel," it probably won't be the last time it's found.

This has got to be an incredibly scary time to be a parent of little ones in Japan. Simply by being near the nuclear reactor, you'll wonder what's in the air that could give your babies cancer. You might feel a little bit doomed. Having the baby milk supply tainted to the point of recall would probably put me over the edge.

This is why I'm going to donate to the Red Cross to help continue their efforts on the ground in Japan. Providing food for babies is one of the many things they do, and clearly that needs to be an ongoing priority.

Do you worry about raising your children near a nuclear plant?

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Kelly... KellyLizzie

Before the boobers chime in I'd like to point out that they also found radiation in breastmilk. This is not a nursing/formula issue...


Rose Martinez

Alright maybe it'll work this time... So I live in Japan  and I think this is scary. Although, I have to disagree with Kellylizzie. The study she sitees included nine wome that all lived in the same general area and we don't know their travel habits or anything. What I do know is the US Army checked the radiation levels on the base I live on twice daily and never found ANY increased levels of radiation. 

This formula could have been distributed to areas like mine where women were not exposed to any radiation then they introduced it to their baby by giving this formula. So I feel better breastfeeding knowing I was not exposed to radiation, even though if we did use formula it would be an American brand because that is what they sell on post. 

The power plant only really limits where we travel in Japan, and it's been that way for us for several months. Thank God.

juneb... junebaby11

to kelly guess what im not living in asia and im not an asian mother, besides that i will always trust breast milk over formula, imo you should never trust man made milk for babies, in my house breast is best!

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