Your Baby Is Judging You

judgmental babiesIt's official! Babies, just like Santa Claus, know who is naughty and who is nice. Not only that, they prefer to spend their time with those people who display characteristics they deem "appropriate"; if by appropriate, we mean what most adults believe is appropriate as well.

Apparently babies turn into judgmental little dudes and dudettes at the ripe young age of 8 months old. At least that's what one study showed that used adorable 8-month-old little know-it-alls and puppets.

It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke: What do you get when you take 100 babies and show them a mean puppet show? What you actually get are babies who would rather steal treats from mean puppets, and give treats to the nice puppets. Way to go babies! You're just like Robin Hood, only tinier. But why stop with puppets and treats? Why not show us your displeasure at these other hot button baby issues as well?


Let's just assume the most judgmental babies out there believe the following:

  • Breast is best, put that dank formula back in the fridge.
  • Are we co-sleeping tonight or are you just going to let me lie by myself in a cold, dark cage?
  • You know the view from this stroller isn't nearly as awesome as the one you're getting up there in the clouds, lady. Consider a papoose the next time you just have to get that caffeine, all righty?
  • And speaking of which, could you consider my tiny taste buds and general health the next time you put any food, drink, or any damn thing in your mouth? Do you think I like getting all hyped up in the morning, then passing out after your glass of wine at night?

Where does your baby stand on these issues?


Image via downeym/Flickr

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