Cute Baby 'Talking' on Phone Will Make Your Day (VIDEO)


baby on cell phoneHey, you at the computer. Do you like adorable things that make you all warm and fuzzy inside? Do you like to forget about your problems -- even if just for a moment -- and live in the now? You don't? Well, then you should just skip this post and corresponding video, because all it will do is make you smile and laugh and feel good about the world. And you probably hate that, right?

For those of you who love all things squishy and cute, please find, after the jump, a hilarious (precious!) video of a garbling baby "having a conversation" on a cellphone. Per your request. Or not. Really, doesn't matter, we're talking about a video of a baby here.

Again, I'm warning you, though -- if you hate feeling good, it's advised that you skip.

Now, don't take this the wrong way, but I want to squish that little guy's cheeks so hard! Ugh -- too cute! You know, every time I see a video like this -- or see a little one "talking on the phone" in real life -- I always wonder what they think they're saying. I mean, clearly, this guy is convinced he's making some important points. And who does he think he's talking to? An adult? Another baby? Cookie Monster?

He's obviously just emulating what he's sees others (I.E., his parents) doing. What does he think they're saying on the phone? Is he imitating their inflections and tone? So fascinating! I can't wait until this baby can really talk so I can ask him all these questions!

How dang adorable is this?


Image via YouTube


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Jessie Davenport

My little one (22 months) does this same thing! She even pauses as if listening to someone on the other end, then nods and starts jabbering again. I just love watching her!

Jennifer Kralick Bouchard

My two year old does it too, althought she does somehow always manage to actually call grama, lol and does talk to her,  but lol she will repeadtly say 'hi grama, hi grama, hi grama", lol soo cute.

Maria Burgos

That is just too cute that reminded me of when my youngest son was small and used to talk on the phone to me or his grandmother.

mrsdc... mrsdchastain

Too cute. Thank you for sharing.

icedd... iceddopio

lol my 17 mo. old does it too.  He picks up anything square and flat and says, "eh gah??"

Sexym... Sexymom22

That is just to cute!

Mom2Lee Mom2Lee

So cute. My son has to say hi to whoever I'm talking to and If I don't let him (only work calls) he gets very upset. I have the same phone as in the video. I thought I was the only one with outdated technology. :) 

Heather Carpenter

My 19 month old does this too! SO cute!!!

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