Dad Who Left Baby in Shopping Cart Can't Be Trusted


There is only one other person I trust implicitly with my children's lives, and that is my husband. I know we are on the same page when it comes to their safety and welfare. If he ever did anything to break that trust, I am not sure how I would recover. Unfortunately, one mom in Kentucky is facing that right now.

Her husband left their 6-month-old sitting in a shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot while he drove away. He was distraught and called the police. He was visibly traumatized.

But how could you ever trust your spouse again if something like this happened?

There are so many dangers here -- kidnapping, falling, getting hit by a car, rolling into the street. It could make a person sick to consider. And I am sure considering is exactly what that poor mom is doing. Again and again.

The dad didn't mean to do what he did. It was an accident and certainly he has learned from it. But that wouldn't make it any easier for the mom to trust him. After all, if he was capable of it before, why not again?

As a mom, I have to be able to trust my partner. I couldn't raise my children without that trust. Sure, we all make mistakes, but that is a huge one. Even if I could forgive him (which I would think I could), I would never fully be able to forget. It's just too big a mistake. Our children's safety should always be at the forefront of my husband's mind.

These kinds of mistakes happen, but they are scary. This family is so, so lucky, but I feel worst for the mom. She has to live in constant fear that her husband was capable of this.

Would you be able to trust your husband again?


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Rachel Schiller

Every parent has had this nightmare, this poor dude just happens to have accidently done it. I would still trust my husband, he learned his lesson the hard way.

Mrs.K... Mrs.Kubalabuku

B/c, if you can never forget, I imagine he can't either?  Until those kids move up and out, he'll probably be making sure they are there over and over and over...

Are we being harsher here, b/c it was the Dad?  I've heard plenty of stories about a mom (or entire famiy!) forgetting a child at a gas station, grocery store, etc.  But she wasn't bashed, and it wasn't insinuated that she could never be trusted again.  You get into the motions of something, and when something is different, it's harder to remember.  At least he did the right thing, called the cops and went back!  He probably didn't have the kid with him at the store often, so he was used to loading up and going home.

nonmember avatar est

My mom left me at the grocery store when I was 6 months old as well. I was safe, she had a major mommy brain moment, sometimes things happen. The good thing is the child was okay and the dad realized immediately what happened.

nonmember avatar Rachel

This reminds me of the time my son fell out of the cart when my husband had taken him to the supermarket. Would you trust your husband after that?

Kari Fuller

When I was aout 3 and my little brother was six months my dad, who was a great dad, needed to change a diaper while in the parking lot of the store, so he put me in the cart and laid my brother down in our station wagon. Well, gust of wind and I was flying across the parking lot. Fast forward a couple of years later, same little brother and I are left in the car while my MOM goes in to get something from the Minute Mart. My brother gets into the driver's seat and puts the manual  car in gear and backwards we go with my mom chasing the car, screaming. My mom also left my youngest brother in the house once while we drove off. She had my sister's kids with her as well and miscounted. Same little brother and same-age nephew also locked her out of the house at age 3 when she went to go get the mail....Parents, mothers and fathers, make mistakes! That doesn't mean you never trust them again or that they are bad parents. My parents were wonderful and overprotective parents, they still made mistakes or found themselves in situations that were based on an action that they shouldn't have done. If this woman is reasonable (unlike the author) in a little bit this will just be one of the family stories they tell this little guy when he gets older and she will gently and with humor remind dad he has the baby with him from now on. Part of a relationship? Love each other despite the faults and don't claim perfection.

GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

There are several times where I've forgotten to buckle my children's safety seats! These things happen to all of us, we are but human, no one is perfect. This is not a major headline, he obviously didn't do it on purpose it was an accident. Give the poor man a break, I'm sure he feels horribly enough as it is. I can totally feel for him, I have a 2yr old and a 10 month old, parent-brain gets the best of all of us.

Bertha21 Bertha21

That is horrible! I would trust him though, he didn't mean to. If he did do it intentionally I wouldn't but I am glad this man didn't do it on purpose. This story makes me think of a skit they did on "Jackass" where they put a car seat on top of the vehicle and they drive away with it still up there.

woodit2u woodit2u

Don't see how this is any worse than forgetting them in a car. Would a man be able to forgive his wife for that?

LissD LissD

He's only human...and if was truly a mistake, I'm guessing he will be sick over it for years to come. I'm sure if a mom did this it wouldn't get the same news coverage.

Melis... Melissa042807

My husband once didn't completely buckle our son into his carseat and I didn't discover it until we go home. I was FURIOUS. And for months I was a nagging hovering annoying drill sergeant about the carseat. But it has not happened one time since then. 

People make mistakes. Thank God the baby is okay. But it was an honest mistake. And many mothers have done similar things. It is possible to forgive and trust again after a scare like that. 

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