Dad Who Left Baby in Shopping Cart Can't Be Trusted

There is only one other person I trust implicitly with my children's lives, and that is my husband. I know we are on the same page when it comes to their safety and welfare. If he ever did anything to break that trust, I am not sure how I would recover. Unfortunately, one mom in Kentucky is facing that right now.

Her husband left their 6-month-old sitting in a shopping cart in the grocery store parking lot while he drove away. He was distraught and called the police. He was visibly traumatized.

But how could you ever trust your spouse again if something like this happened?


There are so many dangers here -- kidnapping, falling, getting hit by a car, rolling into the street. It could make a person sick to consider. And I am sure considering is exactly what that poor mom is doing. Again and again.

The dad didn't mean to do what he did. It was an accident and certainly he has learned from it. But that wouldn't make it any easier for the mom to trust him. After all, if he was capable of it before, why not again?

As a mom, I have to be able to trust my partner. I couldn't raise my children without that trust. Sure, we all make mistakes, but that is a huge one. Even if I could forgive him (which I would think I could), I would never fully be able to forget. It's just too big a mistake. Our children's safety should always be at the forefront of my husband's mind.

These kinds of mistakes happen, but they are scary. This family is so, so lucky, but I feel worst for the mom. She has to live in constant fear that her husband was capable of this.

Would you be able to trust your husband again?


Image via jenni from the block/Flickr

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