Baby Sleeping on Daddy's Face Looks Oddly Comfortable (VIDEO)

baby on daddyConfession: I tend to be a woman who likes her space. A body next to me at night for the sake of some good old-fashioned warmy and fuzzies is one thing. But as much as I love and adore my kid, when she climbs up my legs and throws herself across my chest to settle in for some movie watching, I can hear my organs shrieking, "I hope this is a short one!" So I am as surprised as anyone that a viral video that practically defines "up in one's personal space" makes me feel like I've somehow missed out.

Picture this: a sleeping man plus a sleeping baby. But instead of said baby on said dude's chest, this one is actually on his head! And yes, while it sounds entirely uncomfortable from this side of the screen, it is entirely adorable! Take a look-see:


OK, now if some form of babbling did not come spilling from your lips (the type otherwise reserved for telling your dog she's such a good girl for not taking a poo on your back steps), you have no soul! Don't they just look perfect? I would give up all my personal space and even the possibility of blood flow ever returning to my right ear for just one hour of such bliss!

Making a kid that comfy makes you forget your discomfort. You start to like it after awhile! In fact, the older my kid gets, and the more she's apt to commune with a pile of LEGOs than cuddle with her mama, I'm softening on my "personal space" issues for the sake of giving a little kid some lovin'.

I have decided that heaven is a toddler announcing he's moving to Aunt Jeanne's house and promptly putting his chubby little arms in the air so you can hoist him onto your hip ... and then refusing to let go. Hell for his mother who knows he can't actually leave (because Aunt Jeanne has already gotten through potty training one kid and isn't up for doing it with a kid I haven't actually birthed), but HEAVEN for me. That's the kind of love that makes me feel comfortable even when I'm not completely.

What do you think: totally worth it?


Image via YouTube

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