Reality Show Childbirth Scenes Scarier Than the Real Thing

real child birth on television
The real face of childbirth
Not too long ago, fake television birth scenes became cliche. What people wanted (apparently) was the real deal. The straining, the pain, the clueless husbands, and the overbearing nurses. Pushing and heavy breathing for five minutes were just not cutting it for American households -- we need blood!

Enter One Born Every Minute on Lifetime*, which kicks off its new season tonight with scenes like these:


Yep, makes me glad I'm not having any more babies either. Seriously, can we show these real live birth story shows in public school classrooms? You can bet teenagers will be grabbing handfuls of condoms after they get a load of this baby business. Heck, I'm thinking about some kind of permanent birth control after seeing these poor ladies. Between the pooping and the nurse pulling something (what the heck is that???) out of a lady's nether regions, I'm totally scared of childbirth, and I've had two kids.

Granted, I had c-sections, so I missed all of this business. And even though I thought it was majorly disappointing to miss the experience of child birth, One Born Every Minute makes me thankful that those babies came out of a sliced up abdomen instead of following hours of pain, poop, and tears.

Not unlike those pregnancy books you read before you're pregnant, watching child birth before you actually have been through it is scary as hell. Even afterwards, these writhing, sweaty women laying on their backs (is that okay? that doesn't seem okay) freaks me out. Which is why I've been obsessively flipping through YouTube clips of last season. Apparently being freaked out is entertainment. But for real, set your teens down in front of this show if you really want some effective sex education in your home. Because this show makes childbirth look like a nightmare that I'd never attempt if I hadn't already. How is it reality TV looks more frightening than the real deal?

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*Full disclosure, my husband works for Lifetime and introduced me to One Born Every Minute.

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