Charging Parents Extra to Eat Out With Babies Is Just Rude

baby in high chairIn another sign that the world is becoming a cruel, child-loathing place, a restaurant in the UK has started charging a fee for babies to dine there. Scratch that, it's not really to dine there -- because most of them aren't even eating -- it's just to be there. That's right, Britain's biggest restaurant, Cosmo, is charging parents the American equivalent of about $4.50 just for bringing their baby into the restaurant.

Natasha Young was there with her 6-week-old baby when she was told his stroller was taking up too much room at the all-you-can-eat buffet, and he would be charged. According to a story in The London Evening Standard, even when she offered to take it out to the car, they said the baby would be charged regardless. Another mother said her 6-month-old baby, who is exclusively breastfed, was charged just for taking up a seat.

Have we really sunk this low?


Babies aren't always neat and clean or quiet, and yes, they do take up a little bit of room, but they're BABIES! We all once were babies, and no, I don't believe asking for a little special treatment (if you consider the free use of a chair special) is asking too much.

Also, if space is such a hot commodity there, I'd like to know if the restaurant is going to charge overweight customers more for taking up more room? I can imagine how well that would go over.

It's just another testament to how intolerant people are of children and how more and more the parents raising them are refused even the slightest courtesy. Not everyone has to love and coo over our kids, but they could at least make it easy for us to exist in the world with them -- we are, after all, raising the next generation that will be responsible for this world. And as trite as it sounds, babies are people too.

I hope parents far and wide -- and those sympathetic to their plight -- boycott this place like nobody's business. Then the restaurant will have all the space it needs for whoever chooses to do business in such a callous and rude place.

Do you think it's outrageous that a restaurant would charge a baby just for being in the restaurant?

Image via edenpictures/Flickr

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