3 Easy Ways to Buy Perfect Baby Gifts

best baby giftsEven though some may say the best, and easiest, gift to buy for new parents is a six-pack and ear plugs, there are better ways to celebrate a new baby. Or at least more appropriate ways that don't involve hangovers or child neglect.

In fact, when I hear about a new baby in need of presents, there are three go-to spots that make life easier while guaranteeing that I'm getting some of the best baby gifts available.

Here are three of the easiest ways to buy baby gifts that will make babies -- and new parents -- squeal for joy.


Citrus Lane

A subscription service for baby gifts, you can sign up yourself or your favorite new family. The experts at Citrus Lane will pull together an age-appropriate box of toys, clothes, and tips when you fill them in on your baby giftee. If you want the gift to keep on giving, sign up for a monthly service for $25. Your gifts will keep coming until that baby isn't a baby anymore.


baby giftsGiggle Gift Finder

In-store or online, Giggle has top of the line baby and kid gifts all year-round. But for the holidays, they offer up the Holiday Gift Finder where you can enter in your criteria (age, price range) and they'll give you a list. You can even drill down to specific color, brand, or choose a "healthy" toy vs. a "good value" or even "innovative." You'll find exactly what you're looking for at Giggle.

best baby giftsThe Land of Nod "We Likey"

The "We Likey" gift guide from The Land of Nod naturally includes Sophie the Giraffe. But select "baby" to find even more fun options for the tiny person on your list. Like an entire bag of books, toys, and lovies specially chosen by the baby experts at Land of Nod.

Where do you find the best baby gifts?

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