5 Traits Curtis Stone & Lindsay Price's Baby Boy Will Hopefully Inherit

curtis stone and lindsay priceThere are some celeb couples I'd love to double-date with, and hottie Top Chef host Curtis Stone and actress Lindsay Price (remember her on Eastwick, Lipstick Jungle, and, way back, the original 90210?) are high on that list. They just seem like sweet, normal, down-to-earth -- albeit gorgeous -- people. Actually, I know that to be the case when it comes to Curtis, because I met him, and he was definitely all of the above. And that makes the announcement Curtis made today even sweeter. They're new parents to a bouncing baby boy named Hudson! Yaaaay!!

Curtis's confirmation of the news was super-heartwarming, as he tweeted, "Lindsay and I are so excited to welcome our sweet little baby boy into the world. It feels so great to be a dad!!!!"

Adorable! Which Hudson's sure to be. But here, a few other traits he'll hopefully inherit from dear ol' Mom and Dad ...

  1. Love of food. Curtis is a major foodie who is into eating healthy and sustainably. This is definitely a value he's going to instill in his kid, but hopefully, Hudson inherited his folks' keen palate.
  2. Major smarts. Lindsay was a child genius! She and her brother racked up the second highest score in the '80s game show I'm Telling!'s history. Hudson will probably be a brainiac, too.
  3. The chops to be a "top chef." We all know Hudson's dad is known for his mad skills in the kitchen, so it would be great if that gift was passed down to Hudson (who will then one day kick one of Bobby Flay's kid's butts in a future Throw Down!).
  4. An Aussie accent. Maybe if they travel to Australia a lot, he'll pick up even just a hint of the Down Under twang Curtis has. To die for!
  5. Flexibility. Lindsay has played a slew of different characters on various TV shows over the course of a loooong career. When one show got cancelled, she's easily transitioned to another role. I really admire that she seems to have no trouble going with the flow -- a great characteristic Hudson would be lucky to inherit!

And let's be serious. No matter what, this kid is going to be amazingly good-looking and talented, probably in many ways. In other words, a totally charismatic heartbreaker! After all, the apple rarely ever falls that far from the tree, right?

Are you fans of Curtis and Lindsay? What do you think baby Hudson will turn out to be like?


Image via JCalderon/Splash News

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