5 Adorable Babies Dressed Up in Thanksgiving Costumes (PHOTOS)

thankgiving costumes for babiesHalloween isn't the only time we like to dress up defenseless babies and transform those little ones into something else. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to dress up your babe in the spirit of the holiday! Turkeys, pilgrims, Indians, pumpkins -- you name it, someone has done it. And you should too!

What's more adorable than a baby sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table dressed as part of the meal? Not your Aunt Sally, that's for sure.

In case you're looking for inspiration, or just looking for some cuteness to get into the holiday spirit, here are 5 of the cutest babies dressed for Thanksgiving.


This first ridiculously cute shot is for those of you who want to go classic. This turkey costume covers all of your bases, and clearly is warm and toasty on a crisp fall day. Just don't be tempted to put your little one in the oven.

thankgiving costumes for babiesThat's one sleepy pilgrim! Someone better wake him up for turkey. Or just let him lay there looking adorable.

thankgiving costumes for babiesYes, this is a turkey, laying on a bed of lettuce. I love how mom and dad make a note that their turkey platter had never been used before when they served up their baby.

thankgiving costumes for babiesAll you need is a hat, a box, and one cute naked baby to make this pumpkin work. Can we get one of those shipped to us in time for Thanksgiving?

thankgiving costumes for babiesAnother pilgrim, but this one is ready to chow down. As seen clearly by his bib.

Do you dress up your little ones for Thanksgiving?


Images (top to bottom): Amazon, Etsy, shingleback/Flickr, Etsy, Etsy

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