Dad's Hilarious Attempt to Make Baby Laugh Backfires (VIDEO)

sad babyOn a scale of 1 to 10, the sheer ridiculousness of what we will do to make our babies laugh is around an 11 or 12. A chortling baby is what I imagine heaven sounds like. Problem is: you never know what's going to make it happen.

Can you tickle them? Rip up a piece of paper? Cross your eyes? Or is yours one of those sadistic little suckers who delights in seeing Mommy or Daddy fall down? You never know! Which is why a video of one dad whose attempts to make his little girl laugh completely bite him in the butt left me in stitches.


Behold what happens when you hold your 5-month-old daughter high in the air and bust out a laugh worthy of the most evil of evil villains:

Awww! I don't know who I should feel worse for here. Poor kid thinks Daddy's scary! But poor dad was just doing what good dads do -- trying to play with his baby girl!

I think we all have those moments. I clearly recall once joking around with my daughter as she first offered me a rice krispie treat, then yanked it away, put it back, yanked it away ... until finally I snuck a bite and ended up catching her fingers with my teeth! She burst into tears (naturally), and I felt lower than the gum on the bottom of my shoe. I was trying to make her giggle, and I ended up hurting her!

What's the goofiest thing you've ever done to get your baby to giggle?


Image via YouTube

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