New Mom Secret: I Used My Baby to Get Out of Thanksgiving

It's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets (PM me)—we'll never tell.

This Week's Secret:


My son is 4 months old and everyone in the family was looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because they all wanted to see him. But, of course, I wasn't hosting. We had to travel to get to where the whole family was going to be and I didn't feel like it. My son is a great traveler, but it just seemed like a huge pain. So I said no. I lied and said he was a bad traveler and that we were going to my in-laws who are local, and then we told his parents we were going to my parents' house. We are doing it alone, just the three of us. Is that terrible? — Anonymous

This isn't terrible at all, though I am betting you could have been more honest. Most people understand what a schlep it is to travel with kids even if they are "good" travelers.

You will probably use your baby as an excuse for years to come (even when he isn't a baby). I always find that these things are sometimes half true, actually.

I think it's fine to do and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Do you have any advice for this mom?

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