Moms Freaked Over 'Sexist' Onesie Need to Chill


onesieThis is not the onesie in questionIt wouldn't be another day in the grand old USA if we didn't have some controversy over clothing made for little girls. The children's clothing store Gymboree is the latest target of the mob of angry mamas. Moms Rising has a petition and they are fighting mad over a couple onesies.

The one that is obviously made for boy babies says, "Smart like Daddy" and the one for girls reads: "Pretty like Mommy." It's silly, it's trite, and sure, it's a little offensive, but I am not sure it's petition worthy.

In the past few months, we have seen so many bad clothing choices for girls.

There was the "I'm too pretty for homework" shirt for girls and then there was little girl lingerie. There are baby bikinis and worse. Girls are up against a whole lot of things, so in the scheme of things, this isn't so awful. My daughter can wear a "boy" onesie, too, right! Who says the "boy" one is really for boys only?

Yes, of course moms are smart. And yes, it's a bad stereotype, but given all we have to fight, I am just not sure this is the smartest battle. Moms Rising says:

We know 1950s-like television shows and fashion are popular right now, but retro gender roles for infants? No way! Times have changed. Almost every hour, if not minute, of the day our children are surrounded by "smart like mommy" role models: The teachers, dentists, coaches, business owners, doctors, journalists, stay-at-home-moms, technicians, and administrators they come into contact with are often women.

OK, we know. Moms are smart. And moms don't get enough respect. That we know for sure. But we aren't going to get respect by starting letter writing campaigns to Gymboree. If we get hysterical over every perceived slight, we won't get anywhere.

Choose your battle, ladies. As moms we know this better than anyone. My toddler wore his rain boots every damn day this summer because I know I need to choose my battle with him carefully. It's the same with society. If I am going to sign a petition, it's going to be for something I believe in far more than a slightly offensive baby onesie.

Do you think this is terrible?


Image via Gymboree

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Katriena Young

It's a onesie that the baby is going to out grow in no time and during that time spit up on it and poop in it. People need to chill out.

Andrea Byrd Plate

It may not be my first choice to put my daughter in, but I'm not shocked and horrified by it either.  I think the ladies behind this petition need to take a step back and realize there are bigger battles to pick when it comes to gender roles.

Alexa Helton

It's the little things like this that build up unrealistic and harmful gender roles and expectations. While we may see one ad on TV or a shirt and think "it's not a big deal," the ideas that they normalize is a big deal... Promoting that women are only valued for their looks is what this is supporting. 

If you don't think gender equality is a big enough battle, then go ahead and buy the onesie. Don't put down people who just want a better world for young girls. In my opinion, "The Stir" needs to chill out with the judgmental and ignorant articles. 

Joyfu... Joyfulmommabird

I bought the "smart like daddy" onesie for my 6 week old son and everyone that has seen it has thought it was so funny and adorable. A daddy and baby beaver wearing matching hipster thick rimmed glasses, what's not to love. Why can't my son be smart like his dad? These moms obviously have nothing better to do. The outfits are harmless and I find it ridiculous that it would be offensive to anyone. In fact, I am going to put it on my son right now:]

LilyW... LilyWillowMom

These moms really don't have anything better to do.  My mom bought my daughter a onesie that says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my mommy!"  I think it's adorable!  Do I associate it with oppressed women?  No.  Do I associate it with "my daughter will forever be seen as nothing more than an object because I put her in this onesie?"  No.  She's an infant.  I didn't buy the thing, I thought it would be conceited!  My mother got it for me and I think it's cute.  I'd let her wear "pretty like mommy" if someone got it for me.  I think it's cute, too!  I'd definitely wear "smart like daddy!" because, well, he's very smart!


I think onesies/tees like this are stupid- so guess what? I don't buy them. Problem solved.

Senia... Seniahmom

I can see their point though - I've never seem a smart like mommy onesie for either sex.

I'd like more options than pink for girls though - for all ages. I hate flipping through a catalogue or going into a store and the girls stuff looks hosed down with shades of pepto bismal. I like pink - in moderation!

ILove... ILovemyPaulie

 I wonder if they wouldn't prefer onesies like "I text message like Mommy" & "I spend as much time on face book as my Mommy"? The whole issue is RIDICULUS!!!

power... powermom2four

Guess what? You can be smart AND pretty! And what is wrong with being pretty? My daughter and I are intelligent and beautiful and proud of both. If I had to choose, the former is preferred, but God blessed us both ways!

Momma... Momma2blessed

Harmless for the babies but it sends a bad message to other older kids that we never see smart like mommy type stuff. I don't think it's something to go militant about but I understand why they are trying to make a point about it.

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