Daycare Is Actually GOOD for Children in the Long Run

Daycare is one of those hot button parenting issues that it seems every mom and dad has an opinion on, and most of it is designed to make moms feel bad. If you put your baby in daycare, somehow that makes you the worst parent on the planet. Well, guess again. In fact, daycare children have better immune systems as older kids than children who were never in daycare. Take that sanctimonious mamas!

It's not that daycare is better than staying home with kids, but the fact is, it's also true that staying home with kids isn't necessarily superior in all cases.

The fact is, life isn't black and white and there is no one right answer in parenting or anywhere else. For some, that is comforting, but for others, that is really scary. It takes a strong person to do what is right for their family and not listen to the vitriol.


We did a small family daycare two days a week when both my babies turned 1 until they were 3. It was a great best of both worlds scenario. They got the experience and the good parts of daycare and they had their mom home about 75 percent of the time. It worked well for us. That said, I would never presume to say my way was the right way or that everyone else should live my way.

I am glad my children had some early daycare exposure. The study shows that exposing children to a variety of infections has a protective effect later in life. I love it!

There are no simple answers in parenting, and if you think there are, you might be in the wrong "profession." We all do the best we can with the tools we have. 

Studies may not fix all the wrongs, but they sure are vindicating in situations like these.

Did you do daycare early? Are you glad you did?


Image via teofilo/Flickr

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