20 Better Vampire Baby Names Than Renesmee


bella edward pregnantThat's little Renesmee in there!If there's one thing about Breaking Dawn that's gonna drive me nuts (and there's only one thing, as I am a good and faithful Twi-hard), it'll be hearing that vamp/human baby's name spoken aloud: Renesmee. I know, I know, Bella and Edward's daughter is named after both Bella's mother Renee and Edward's adoptive mother Esme. It's a nice thought and all, but hybrid names never work, unless you're talking about nicknames for celebrity couples like Brangelina or Bennifer.

There are so many other, better names Bella could have chosen for her half-breed child. If she really got stumped, she could have just consulted an online vampire name generator! Seriously, vampire name generators do exist. I am not making this up.

And while some of the names these supernatural moniker machines spit out are kind of lame, some of them are actually pretty cool ...

Anyway, I know Stephenie Meyer isn't going to rewrite her mega-successful series based on any of these suggestions, nor will Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, or Taylor Lautner drop everything to re-film any scenes involving the name Renesmee, but here they are ... 20 Better Vampire Baby Names Than Renesmee:

  1. Desdemona
  2. Felicia
  3. Magdelena
  4. Bloodrayne
  5. Lily
  6. Claudia
  7. Eve
  8. Circe
  9. Aurora
  10. Evangeline
  11. Luna
  12. Morganthe
  13. Perdita
  14. Luminata
  15. Lucia
  16. Astara
  17. Ophelia
  18. Violetta
  19. Veronica
  20. Pandora

What would you name Bella and Edward's baby?


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purpl... purple_creeper

After reading some of the ones you listed im starting to like Renesmee xD

nonmember avatar Graciesmom

Claudia and Pandora are already vamp names in Anne Rice's novels.

nonmember avatar MamaRockwell

I like the name; it's original and captivating. Plus, she is probably the first Renesmee, and there is something very cool about that. Well chosen.

nonmember avatar megan

r u crazy?! These all suck!!!

nonmember avatar K

I almost quite reading the books when they named her Renesmee, every time I read it it was like nails on a chalk board. Gross. ANY of those names would be better, even Perdita, even though it's the name of a mama Dalmatian. Renesmee. Stupidest name ever.

nonmember avatar Teri

A lot of these names come from Shakespeare's plays, so they're classic and unique at the same time. Very nice.

Erica1b Erica1b

I hate the name! However I have.to disagree on your comment on hybrid names never working. We named my daughter after my Adalisse and my husbands grandmother Angeline....our daughters name is Adaline.

Ari. Ari.

I dislike the name. But how popular do you think this name will get because of the movie?

Kelsey Marshall

Idk. I loved the books, and I always thought that Renesmee was such a romantic sounding name. 

Maranda Vilsack

I don't really like the name Renesmee either. Her middle name was Carlie (Carlisle/Charlie). I always thought that should have been her first name. i don't really care if Renesmee was her middle name or not, but I think Sm wanted some conflict about the name with Bella and Jacob. IE: Him calling her Nessie ("You nicknamed my daughter after the loch ness monster!?")

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