Rap-Loving Baby Only Stops Crying for Notorious B.I.G. (VIDEO)

babyI don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a video of a baby crying in my life. Possibly I've never laughed at a video of a baby crying, since I don't generally find sobbing infants all that amusing, but this baby ... well, she has some very unique taste in lullabies, let's put it that way!

Only one song by one rapper does the trick when this tiny girl gets the blues ... apparently her parents did try other types of music to soothe the savage baby, but nothing had quite the same effect.

I guess that makes sense. I mean, the name of the song is "Hypnotize," after all ...


That's right: For this baby, only the sound of the late, great Notorious B.I.G. will do. And as soon as daddy shuts the music off ... look out!!

Biggie, biggie, biggie, can't you see? Sometimes your words just hypnotize me ...

Guess they weren't kidding!

Just watch ...

Does your baby have a favorite song?

Image via YouTube

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