Sometimes Breastfeeding Babies Should Be Banned

no childrenOkay, so if you know anything about me, you'll know that a Christian Women's Retreat, complete with workshops and a website totally covered in Bible quotes, is not my thing. So why am I coming to the defense of Lovestrong Ministries Retreat in Arizona?

Well, some breastfeeding moms got upset when they learned that the retreat didn't allow nursing babies. "No nursing babies at the retreat -- sorry for the inconvenience," they said. We know state law says moms can nurse their babies where and whenever they have the legal right to be there with their child ...

... but that's the issue here. WITH the child. Gotta say I'm not seeing a problem with the retreat's rules.


Like I said, almost all state laws say that if you are allowed to have your baby there, you can breastfeed. But ... a women's retreat? $160 for two nights, five different workshops with lots of women, and a 18-year age minimum ... well, if kids aren't allowed, that includes infants, right?

I know it's got to be frustrating to have to skip something like that, but let's get real -- there are places kids aren't invited, and that includes babies, nursing or not. Sometimes as mothers we're just going to miss out on fun things, like weekend retreats, or, in my case, getting a couple of the certifications I've been coveting, or serving Jury Duty (yes, I wanted to do it, thankyouverymuch).

It's no question that I'm a big loudmouth about women nursing in public, even trying to make sure they feel comfortable doing so, while worrying about scaring them out of it and simultaneously arming them in case something does go wrong -- but there IS a line. I think this is it, too. Nurse your baby wherever and whenever you want, but if you're not supposed to have any children there at all, it's probably safe to assume that includes nursing babies, like it or not.

Do you think the retreat should allow nursing infants?


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