Jessica Simpson Has Much to Learn About Motherhood

Jessica Simpson is going to be an amazing mom. I am sure of it. For a woman who has as much as she does, Simpson seems down to Earth, loving, and hilarious. But when it comes to one thing, she seriously needs to manage expectations.

Just months away from delivering her first baby, the elder Simpson sister says she is already planning baby number two. As one mom who thought (and did) the same, I would urge her to rethink the plan.

Nine months into motherhood, I found myself pregnant for the second time and my two babies are a scant 18 months apart. It's awesome and it's awful all at the same time. My advice for any mom considering it is this: Decide AFTER your baby is born.


Prior to becoming a parent, it's simply impossible to really know what parenthood is like. You can guess and assume and pretend, but until you are there, baby in arms, you just have no idea what you will be like as a parent.

Sure, some might be thrilled and want 10 more kids and some (like the Duggars!) may even do that. But please, for the love of all things holy, do NOT say you want another baby before you have even had one.

New motherhood -- and motherhood, in general -- is hard. It's nothing you can predict and nothing you can plan for before jumping in. While I have no doubt Simpson is going to make an amazing mama, it's hard to know how SHE will feel about the task. No woman can know before they do it.

She may very well want another right away. But she might not, too. Right now, she simply doesn't know.

Did you think you wanted more before you had one? Did you change your mind?


Image via jvh33/Flickr

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