Clues That It's Time to Take Your Screaming Baby Home


screaming baby in publicFor the past hour I've been working in a coffee shop. Perhaps it's because I'm on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but one of my companions has been a screaming baby. Yes, her mother is here too, but seems basically unaffected by the ear-piercing freak-outs that are constantly flowing from that tiny girl. I first noticed mom and baby as they were in line waiting to order. I thought to myself, "Oh my god, I bet she just wants her coffee so she can get that baby home." But no. She ordered her drink then proceeded to sit down with her screaming baby in the stroller next to her.

Now, I'm a mom to two kids who are not always on their best behavior, so I really hate to judge. However. This is one of those times that mom is 100 percent wrong to sit in a public space, drinking her coffee and writing cards (what the?) while her baby sits in the stroller and screams. It's time to go home, baby. IT'S TIME TO GO HOME.

Just in case you're ever in this position and wonder, "Hmm, should I stay at Starbucks and allow my baby to terrorize everyone? Or should I go home and take my screaming lil' monster with me?" allow me to help you sort it out.

Is my baby screaming so hard it's probably going to make her throat raw?

Is my baby throwing things at other people whom she is not related to?

Is my baby projectile vomiting?

Is my baby breaking the sound barrier?

Am I usually a totally clueless mom?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, please pick up your baby and move her to your home immediately. Thank you.

Have you ever been out and wondered what the heck that mom was thinking?


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Momma... Momma2blessed

LoL... I am in full agreement! She probably tuned it out cause thats what she does on a regular basis... poor baby!

momav... momavanessa

I tend to think that it is none of my business. Maybe the mother just needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air and yes BABIES CRY! If she can't calm the child down then it is her choice on what to do next. It really doesn't bother me since I have 2 little ones of my own. They are pretty easy to calm down but I know every child is different.

Argentina Iraheta

This, all the time. I try to understand (been on a plane with my nephew, who was not even two at the time, screaming bloody murder). But, I work retail (clothes) and sometimes I wonder about parents who shop around for a good hour and then wait in line with their baby screaming it's poor little lungs out as if nothing is wrong. Same goes for parents who let their toddlers use the store as a play place and even go as far as throwing balls across the store with their tikes. I work in a family friendly store, but it's not good for anyone if you or your child konks someone in the head.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

I don't agree with chilling in a coffee shop with a screaming baby, mostly because that's going against the general vibe there.

I will, however, commence shopping at the grocery store. I've listened to babies cry there as long as I can remember.

nonmember avatar ele4phant

@momavanessa. Yes, mothers deserve to get out of the house, they deserve a break. But, they don't deserve to force other people to deal with their child's relentless screaming while they ignore it. In cases where there is NOTHING the mother can do (ie on a plane, at the doctors office, ect), they have all my sympathy. But in the case of a coffee shop or a store, your need to unburden yourself doesn't mean you get to subject others to the kid's crying. Priority one should be getting the kid to stop crying; be that paying attention to the kid, stepping outside for a bit, or going home. You don't get to just ignore the crying until you're ready to go.

white... whitebreads

I'm going to be a mother really soon and everyone says "oh just you wait...". Yes I know I'm in for it and for the record I think mothers who do this are to put it bluntly assholes. The world doesn't stop just because you had a child so therefore basic manners and public courtesy still apply to you. There are situations and places where if you can't afford a sitter or other arrangements then you cant afford to go unless your prepared to be a mother.

nonmember avatar autoclave239

Depends. Is she really clueless? Or does her baby scream nonstop at home too? Maybe she just needs to get out of her house and be among other adults, screaming baby or no. We really DON'T know her situation, and therefore I'd be hard pressed to judge. I mean, can you put yourself in her shoes, just needing some place to go to write what is likely thank you notes (an activity I dread) after perhaps being cooped up inside too long? Isn't better to go out and vent any frustration than let it build, even if you have to take your kid?

nonmember avatar Kristi

It's so easy to sit back and judge. But what if her child doesn't stop screaming? That little time out every day could save her sanity. And for those who think people in stores should just leave, who cares about your opinion? I'm not allowing my child, who is throwing a tantrum because he wants to leave, to dictate when and where I can shop. Or a baby screaming because they're teething, sorry, they're going to scream at home too and the groceries don't just appear in the fridge. Judge less, mind your own business more.

Tatto... TattooedDarling

Nope. Never okay. I don't care if that baby never stops screaming, the mom does not get to subject everyone else to it. Letting your kid scream in a store, market, cafe, or restaurant is rude and, yes, makes you an inconsiderate, self-centered asshole, no matter what age the child is. On planes and at appointments I get that there’s no place to go but ignoring it like this mom apparently was also constitutes asshole behavior. Be a decent human being and, for the sake of everyone involved, at least try to shut the kid up.



happy... happymama2D

I honestly can't even imagine voluntarily sitting somewhere in public with my child (unless it was the doctors, etc. somplace we HAD to be) while they screamed and cried.  I would be mortified and I also am not equipped with the chip that allows me to tune out my crying child and go on about my business as if nothing at all was happening (especially in public).  Yes, I'm a mom, and I certainly have more empathy for certain situations than I did before, but that is ridiculous by any stretch.

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