11/11/11 C-Sections Scheduled for a Hospital Near You


c sections 11/11/11Let's get ready for the crazies who come out for the most random reasons, everybody! Tomorrow is November 11, 2011 (in case you don't have a calendar handy) and apparently some pregnant women are going to extremes to have babies born on this numerically consistent day. At least according to The Daily News, where South Korean women are "flooding" hospitals to request c-sections on November 11. So we can only assume that the women of South Korea aren't the only soon-to-be moms who want to get in on this cool date. In fact, there's probably a very preggo lady hanging around your local maternity ward right now begging for a c-section. Ummmm, right?

My guess is that these "floods" of women have never had a c-section before, maybe never had a baby before. Ladies, you may think everything is swell on 11/11/11, but by 11/12/11, you're going to be in a world of hurt.

As someone who had to have two c-sections, I would not recommend it. I mean, would anyone? My first one may have saved my daughter's life, and the second one, well, I'm not sure the second one was necessary, but that's another post. But both of them left me unable to walk for a period of time, in pain, and with a massive gash across my mid-section. Not a choice I think a lot of women would make voluntarily.

Of course, the dangers to your baby for having an elective c-section aren't anything to sneeze at either. Which makes me wonder if this "trend" is really just an overreaction by someone who overheard someone else at the hospital yapping about wanting to have a baby on 11/11/11. Are there really that many women eager to put themselves and their baby at risk for the "right" birth date? I find it hard to believe.

But if you are out there, and you're so determined to have a baby tomorrow, just remember that your baby's birthday is going to be extraordinary no matter what it looks like on paper. Save yourself, and your baby, some pain and let it happen naturally.

Would you schedule a c-section to have your baby on a special date?

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Melis... Melissa042807

Well, that depends. I have two friends who scheduled C-sections so their husbands who were overseas at the time could get home and be there for the birth. So that I understand. But just wanting your baby to be born on a certain date? I dunno, sounds a little kooky to me. 

Doomy234 Doomy234

I guess they want a date thats easy to remember?

I remember last year there was a big deal for weddings and babies on October 10th (10/10/10).

I certainly wouldnt go through the trouble... Its just a day like any other day.

Argentina Iraheta

I wouldn't go quite that far, but I have a not-so-small obsession with number patterns, so I can see how it would be cool (particularly at 11am, ha). Maybe they think it's lucky?

My birth has five 8's in it. It's my favorite number. If I'd been born on the 8th or the 18th (12 or two days before my actual birthday), I would think it the coolest thing ever. A coworker of mine has the 8th as her birthday, I playfully envy her.

jagam... jagamama0710

I would never schedule a c-section, so no. 

I would "say" it'd be cool to have a cool birthday like that but I would never actively make sure he/she was born on that day. I let my babies choose their birthdays.

amand... amanda_mom89

No I would never schedule a c-section so my child has a "cool" birthday.

As a side note though, I had a c-section and although it wasn't my first choice of delivery it wasn't bad at all. I was up walking the next morning, I only took tylenol and I went back to work 4 weeks pp.

That's not to say that some c-sections aren't horrible. But every woman and every delivery is different. So what is painful for some is easy for others or vice versa.

TippyD TippyD

not at all... everyone thinks it is soo cool to have babies on those dates.. you know whats cooler? when the BABY chooses and comes on that date...

Jessy Roos

While I wouldn't schedule a Caesarian unless it was medically necessary, I think it's important to note that more than likely, the women in South Korea are scheduling c-sections because in feng shui and numerology 11 is a very lucky number. I would be surprised to hear that this would be a popular date for anyone who practices feng shui.

Kyla Rose Fey

Have they not heard of walking, raspberry tea and/or sex?
My neighbour walked six miles with her third to get that baby out (it worked)
I had sex to get my baby out before Christmas two years ago (it worked)
Hell, my best friend's brother hit a pothole with his pregnant (almost due) wife in the car, she went into labor that night.
Come on, why the C Sections? I like the playful, fun antics to get babies out!
Now, let's see if baby boy number 3 comes on Valentine's Day due to walking, sex and maybe a car ride :D

jpfsmom jpfsmom

My friend is due on the 13th, I think she secretly hopes she goes into labor tonight so it will have an 11/11/11 but I know she's not doing anything drastic to make that happen. She just said it would be a fun birthdate.

Angela Taylor Harris

I'm 29 weeks w/ twins, been in hospital on strict bedrest for 14 days & I will be here until I deliver, which, hopefully, won't be for 5 or 6 weeks for the babies sake. I don't have a choice whether or not to have a c-section, I'd give anything to have a vaginal birth. It was such a quick recovery & great experience w/ my first. I can't imagine asking for major surgery, with so much recovery time, with such a risk for infection when it's not medically necessary...

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