New Breastfeeding Campaign Might Do More Harm Than Good (VIDEO)

breastfeeding motherA woman has the legal right in Nevada to breastfeed in any public or private place she's allowed to have her baby, even if she is uncovered and her nipple shows somewhere in the process. Such is the law in many states, though each has their own wording and may or may not say anything about nipples or protection from 'indecent exposure.'

Many states' individual WIC programs are coming up with and releasing their own breastfeeding campaigns. I think it's awesome to have so many unique ones instead of a national campaign. So much creativity that way!

However, the video that Nevada's WIC department released didn't so much make me smile as almost wince.


First, check out the video:

It's true that it's the mom's right to breastfeed in public. I'm very pro-nursing -- using a breastfeeding cover or not. But I'm not totally clapping here. I know it's a very quick video intended for quick TV slots, but it seems to me like just focusing on the law alone is the wrong way to go. It doesn't encourage moms to breastfeed in public, but instead just sends a message that women are combative.

Granted, we can get pretty pissed off. It is lame to have a society that tells you to breastfeed and then does everything in its power to try to tell you to make sure no one knows or sees you're doing it. Heck, it's even more socially acceptable to stop breastfeeding prematurely than it is to go to the World Health Organization's recommended minimum of two years.

But we spend a lot of time also saying that we're not out to be exhibitionists or start fights, though I'll be damned if many of us don't have our boxing gloves in our diaper bag (figuratively, people!). The video suggested to me that many moms are out there already with those boxing gloves on. Where was the encouragement to nurse wherever and whenever baby is hungry? I've been told repeatedly by you readers that discussing problems breastfeeding moms face in public scares away women who aren't looking for a fight. Believe me, I hear you guys -- but I also feel it's important to be informed, and know your rights, so unlike me when my first was a newborn, women won't feel defeated or just walk away and say nothing when their rights are infringed upon.

I guess I'm torn. I want to say, "Yay for anything that's pro-breastfeeding!" but the video, to me, conveyed less support, more fight. Then again, I think some women who are already breastfeeding need to get that fighting spirit in them to push past the fear of confrontation too ... I know I did.

What do you think? Helpful video or no?


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