Twins' Halloween Costume Topped All Others (VIDEO)

Top Gun TwinsThough Halloween is over, most of us are still stumbling around in the sugar-induced spirit of the season. You may or may not remember many of the costumes you saw in the blurry night of trick-or-treating, but here's one you couldn't forget. 

These 8-month-old twins are dressed as Goose and Maverick from one of the all-time best movies ever made -- Top Gun. Their wagon is their plane, and the accompanying music just puts it over the top. They're the cutest little wingmen you'll ever see. Take a look for yourself.



I love the little sunglasses and their totally chill expressions. I was ready for one of them to bust out singing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" any moment. I mean, really, have you ever seen a better costume? I'm gonna bet that's a big negative, Ghostrider. The only problem I see: How are they ever going to top these costumes?

I love the elaborate lengths the parents went to in order to pull this off. I've never been all that creative when it comes to my kids' costumes. Every year I have grand plans and ideas, then all of a sudden, Halloween nears and it's another store-bought costume. These twins, however, make me feel the need -- the need for speed, to start earlier and employ a little more creativity next year.

What's the best Halloween costume you saw this year?

Image via YouTube

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