Vacation Is Not 'Vacation' With a Baby

Gisele Bundchen is known for making us regular women feel ridiculously insecure. First it was her impossibly perfect body and skin, smile, and hair. Then it was her perfect labor and breastfeeding experience. But this -- THIS! -- is the last straw. Bundchen went alone to Jamaica with her son while husband Tom Brady plays football. And she had FUN. Fun with a baby! It's just too much.

There may very well have been a nanny present, but being by myself in Jamaica with a baby, nanny or not, just doesn't sound fun. A vacation isn't a vacation with kids present.

More and more, I have noticed that when my kids are gone, even for a night (with the grandparents), my level of relaxation is so much deeper. Even when they're well behaved and perfectly sweet, mama is "on" when they are around.


If we're in the Caribbean, I would worry about them drowning. At our lake house, I worry about drowning, getting lost, and being eaten by moose. (OK, I am kidding on the latter one. Sort of.) In all seriousness, being a mama is a serious business indeed and there is no chillaxin on the beach for me.

When my children are away, I laugh more readily, I want to cuddle more (and other things) with the hubs, and I am generally more fun to be around.

So what gives?

This mommy needs to learn to relax. Seeing these photos of Gisele happy and carefree WITH her baby makes me realize how infrequently I feel that way with my own kids. Sure, I enjoy and adore them, but relaxing? Nope. Now I am a high strung Type-A sort of person anyway and I get the sense Gisele isn't.

But just once, I would love to feel like I could take my kids on vacation without my spouse and actually have anything resembling fun.

Do you have this problem, too?


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