Babies Born on Halloween Are the Coolest

For some reason, moms don't want to have their babies on Halloween, so much so that their bodies will actually avoid giving birth on the day itself. If you are superstitious or even very religious, maybe it makes sense, but the fact is, Halloween is actually a really cool birthday to have. And I should know, my husband was born on this day and my mother was born tomorrow (November 1 -- All Saints Day). 

The day is admittedly a "dark" one focused on death rather than life. For some, this is a turn-off, but to me, it's not only the best day of the year, it's also an amazing birthday to have. If the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest on October 31, then what better day to make one's entrance?

My husband has never once been sorry he was born on Halloween, and even if you believe in the devil or the kind of darkness that makes people afraid of this day, it's still not a bad day to be born.


The fact is, life and death are both part of the life cycle. Every child born will also die (sorry, but it's true). Obviously we hope that will happen in 95 years and not any time soon, but being born on Halloween won't make it happen any faster.

If it were simply about not being born on a holiday, I could understand. I DO pity children born on Christmas, but Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July and Halloween are just festive holidays that would also be fun to have as birthdays as well. Why not trick-or-treat on your birthday? What a fun addition!

My husband has actually loved being born on Halloween and loves to tell people. So all you mamas who are afraid to give birth on October 31, rethink your fears!

There is something magical about Halloween and it actually made me even more intrigued by my husband. Happy Halloween! And if you are having a baby today, worry not. It's the coolest day of the year.

Would you avoid a Halloween baby?


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