Dads Can (& Should!) Wear Babies, Too

Dads who wear babies sometimes get a bum rap. They are seen as too crunchy, too granola, too much, period. I can see the point. Admittedly there are men in my town who wear newborns in slings and have the same sanctimonious, greater-than-thou aura as certain moms who do it. But they are the minority. In fact, most dads who wear babies are cool, indeed. And more dads need to do it.

Orlando Bloom is our go-to sexy papa who wears his baby in an Ergo and does not care who knows about it. Back when I first had my daughter, a good friend told me that her husband refused to wear their baby because it was "not manly." Well, he is missing out.

Not only is it manly, it is also sexy to women and deeply important for the father, child bond. I wore both of my children (as did my hubby) and the closeness is unsurpassed. It feels like a constant cuddle.


Men can also be attachment parents. There is no stigma to it. It is not unsexy or unmanly and it is certainly not uncool. In crunchy Cambridge, Massachusetts where I live and where my children go to school, I often see more dads wearing babies than moms. And while this may not have spread to other parts of the country, it will. And it should.

It is good for dads and for babies to feel like they can connect in that way. Baby wearing is an intimate connection that you may not understand until you do it. I had no other choice but to wear my infant son after he was born while my first was only 18 months old.

It became an addiction. Even now, three years later, I still carry my son way too much. Both of us crave that closeness we had when he was a baby and in the Ergo all the time.

There are so many ways now to wear babies, moms and dads can also change it up. Mom might prefer a Mei-Tei while dad prefers a Bjorn. It is good for the baby to have that variety and good for the family, too.

More men need to try it!

Does your hubby wear your baby?



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