Punk Rockers Make the Best Dads (VIDEO)

punk rock dadsTo all those parents who feared their tattooed, mohawked, pierced little boy would never grow up, never make anything out of himself, and never stop with the cursing comes the movie The Other F Word just to make mom proud. Well, if she can get over the cursing, the mohawks, and the piercings. Because these punk rock dads are still counter-culture, but now they've got punks of their own. And if this documentary is proof of anything, they're doing a great f***ing job.

This does not surprise me. Even though former members of Rancid, Everclear, and Black Flag seem a little stunned themselves to be fathers after "rebelling against our own parents." Because my kids have a (former) punk rock dad, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


It may seem like what defined punks -- be they the skate, rock, or garden variety -- was the anti-establishment mantra. So fatherhood goes against everything they rebel yelled against. But at this particular time in history, rebelling against antiquated notions of what fatherhood was is exactly what our kids need. As you can see in the trailer, these guys didn't have good dad role models. Or have dads at all. So rebelling against the absentee father, the distant dad who couldn't express himself, or just the traditional gender role dad is an amazing thing. Check it out.

As someone who married a skate punk and dated more punk types than any other type in the pool, I can honestly say I wouldn't have wanted any other kind of guy to be a father to my kids. Children need a dad in their life who is willing to buck the system. One who doesn't think changing diapers is women's work, or that his job is to bring home the paycheck, sit on the couch, and let mom take care of the "women" stuff. Punk rock was all about throwing off societal norms, and inspiring others to do the same. Right on, my brothers. Right. On.

You can rage against the man, god, your parents, and Starbucks without turning off your heart. In fact, these inspired punk rockers are all heart, which is where the passion to fight against society comes from in the first place. Sure these dads may regret that tattoo on the forehead, and wonder how bad it is to say "fuck" in front of the baby, but their hearts are in the right place. Take one look at Flea talking about his kids and tell me that punks don't make amazing fathers. It will make you believe that, as one dad says, maybe they can change the world. It will just take place outside of the mosh pit and in their own homes.

What do you think about punk rock dads?


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