The Most Deliciously Cute Food-Themed Halloween Costumes for Baby (PHOTOS)

baby pizza halloween costumeEveryone can agree that a little baby who is dressed as a pumpkin or butterfly for Halloween is funny and cute. But those same people would also agree that a little baby who is dressed as a slice of supreme pizza is HILARIOUS and probably the most adorable thing ever. That's exactly why we compiled some of the very best food-themed baby Halloween costumes for your viewing pleasure. If you haven't gotten around to planning your baby's costume yet, these photos might just provide a little inspiration. And, they're so cute you could eat them up!


The only thing that would make Pizza Baby even better is if he had his Hot Wings Baby friend to hang out with. (Oh, and if he could move his legs, too.)




hot dog babyIt's so ironic that this Hot Dog costume is making this baby so very sad. Because it's making me very, very happy.


candy corn baby costumeJust ignore the surly look on this baby's face: There's nothing sweeter than a baby in a Candy Corn costume.


burger babyI know just what that mom is thinking: "My kid is cute and all, but, my god, can we stop for burgers after trick-or-treating?"


smarties babyThe only thing needed to pull off this awesome Smarties costume is plenty of sass. I'd say this baby is definitely working it!


baby pea podMost people don't even like peas. If someone forced me to be one for Halloween, I'd be pissed off, too. (Just kidding, this baby is just as adorable as the others!)


Images via Ball-Curotto Family/Flickr; GenreCreative/Flickr; Penny Morgan; grantshellan/Flickr; JNJSMOM2007/Flickr; Invisible Hour/Flickr

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