The Creepiest Halloween Costumes for Baby (PHOTOS)

halloween insects for babiesAs a mom who dressed up her baby girl in a bee costume (see swinging photo to your right), I get the mass appeal of turning your tiny ones into even tinier ones: insects, bugs, creepy crawlies. There's something horribly cute about taking an icky bug and making it adorable. Which is why I've found so many ridiculously cute babies dressed up as insects all over Flickr. Parents, you're awesome for doing this to your baby trick-or-treaters. And you make us all want to re-visit the arthropod as costume for our little ones.

So bust out the etymology textbooks, parents! Or for some visual inspiration, check out these six baby bugs all ready for Halloween.


halloween insects for babiesSpider attack! Of the most adorable kind.

halloween insects for babiesThis butterfly comes with her very own flower for pollinating!

halloween insects for babiesWho's the cutest little ladybug? You are! Yes, you are!

halloween insects for babiesThis bee is giving my swinging gal a run for her money. It's the skirt, and that smile.

halloween insects for babiesVoted "Most Likely to Fly" -- thanks to some dad assistance.

halloween insects for babiesLess scary spider, more, "Hey, who wants to go to the Spider Disco? Look, I'm not wearing any pants!"

Okay, now I've got to re-think my kid costumes as I want some insects all up and around my neighborhood. Which is something I never thought I'd hear myself say.

Do you dress your baby up like a bug?

Images (top to bottom): April Peveteaux, NataPics/Flickr, irina slutsky/Flickr, Minarae/Flickr, andrechinn/Flickr, bradleyolin/Flickr, andrewmalone/Flickr

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