Amazing Man Drives 36 Miles to Return Wallet to Harried Mom


Sometimes it seems like everyone hates moms. We get dirty looks in Starbucks, rolled eyes on planes, and very often it seems like no one wants to do us any favors. Well, one man in Scottsdale, Arizona proved there ARE people out there who actually want to help us moms when he found a wallet a harried mother dropped and drove 36 miles to return it

It seems like something one would only see in a movie. Jenna Cook lost her wallet (which had $300 cash in it) after it fell off the stroller and, like anyone, assumed it was gone forever. But later that night, Javier Del Carpio found it and drove 36 miles out of his way to return it.

He's like Santa Claus and Mother Teresa rolled into one!

When people do nice things for me, I always feel a little shocked. Two winters ago, I dropped my iPhone in the snow on my way to my children's art class (I was late, of course) and fully expected to never see it again. Later that night, I got a call from the woman who found it who then proceeded to bike over to my house to give it back.

These things may seem little to the people who do them, but for us moms who are busy, distracted, rushing, and exhausted, it can seem more like a miracle when someone lends us a hand.

I consider my day a great success if I manage to have my children at home with me at the end of the night, let alone my wallet, phone, keys, and items of varying importance in my life. I don't expect anyone to help me keep track of my things, but I also fully expect to lose them (in fact, do you know where my car keys are RIGHT NOW?). We moms have a lot on our minds and our priority number one is our children.

This man is a mom hero, no doubt. Just as the woman is who biked to return my iPhone to me. Someday I hope I will be able to return the favor for another busy mom like me.

Have you ever lost something and had it returned?


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erwende erwende

Just yesterday I lost my iPhone. I was heartbroken! LOL. An awesome teenage girl called me a few hours later to tell me her mom found it in a shopping center parking lot!!!

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

A few years ago I dropped my wallet out of my coat pocket and we looked and looked for it. Got home and had a note on my door that someone had found it and came to return it. We called them and it was returned with the money inside in tact. Was heavenly I swear. That was right before christmas and it was our christmas money. There r good people still left in the world, just wish they weren't so far and few between.

Désirée Fawn

Awe, nice to hear stories like this one!

lehof... lehoffman

Last year I lost my wristlet which contains my phone, credit cards, cash, drivers license, and keys and it was returned by the nicest girl ever! I would have given her a reward, but she dropped it at the desk of my apartment building before I could even get there. It would have cost me more than $300 to replace everything. Just proves that there are still good people.

maggi... maggiebgood

I left my purse with $100 and a diamond ring, and phone in a shopping cart out in the parking lot. When I got home I still did not realize I had left them until my daughter told me, as I walked in the door, that a woman just called to say she and her husband had found my purse and had it safely at their house. She had given my daughter her phone number and address so I could come and pick it up. On the way there I stopped and bought a bouquet of flowers for the women. I found out that the couple had just come home from church and the sermon that day was returning things that people had lost. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I thank God for putting his angels in the parking lot that day. There are so many wonderful people in this world. We just don't get to hear about them enough.

Andrea Manning

Last year I lost my wallet with $130 in it. When I came home I was really upset and thought I will never see my wallet or the money again. But a couple of hours later I got a call. I had forgotten it in the grocery cart and a woman found it and brought it to the information desk. They called me then and gave it back to me with everything in it. Never got to thank that woman who returned it.

nonmember avatar Pam

The comment above about living in a town that's 90% hispanic was clearly written by a racist MORON. In addition to being a disgusting comment, the moron can't surprise there.

nonmember avatar Maria

@ me - and yet the guy in the story that returned it IS hispanic

nonmember avatar Kristin

Last winter I was at the mall with both my small kids and I took off my wedding ring set to sample lotion at B&B Works. An hour later I realized I didn't have my rings. When I finally realized what I had done I went back and of course the rings were not there. When an employee noticed my frantic look I explained what happened and she had the biggest smile on her face. A friend had stopped by to visit her at work, found my rings and gave them to the manager. Who decided to keep them locked up rather than turn them over to mall security. I was so grateful I gifted them all Panera gift cards for their lunch that day.

nonmember avatar me

PAM ur the moron xD Im hispanic too. And here WERE I LIVE people are not as nice. Mostly everyone lives from getting money from welfare and when they find something u keep it. I dO know how to spell but i use shortcuts like most people do when typing just a comment. So stfu and go take care of ur kids. Maria im not saying hispanics arent good people. But my own ppl get on my nerves. I work and so does my SO but our daughter cant get medical insurance cuz we dont work full time and we make too much to qualify 4 medicaid. On the other hand theres 300lbs pound 30yR old that dont work and neither does her SO they got 7 kids and they all get fs and medicaid. And people are not as nice they just get used to taking without giving back. AND that is why if u lose p

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