Check Out the Hilarious & Wacky World of Life With Twins (VIDEO)

twins videos cuteWhy are twins so freaking adorable? Their cuteness is taking over the world! We've already shown you the talking twins (I'll wait a minute while you go look -- it's worth it), and I'm also addicted to Rebecca Woolf's Girls Gone Child photo set of her beautiful twins. It's all to say: Twins are the most adorable thing in the entire universe.

But over at Yahoo! This Week in M.O.M. took it to a new level with their fantastic video round-up of all of the adorable multiple videos that will make you spend the rest of your afternoon awwwing over hilarious twins, triplets, and beyond. I mean really, do you have anything better to do?

Just to whet your twin world appetite, and up the ante, here's a fab video of not only twin babies, but a dog. That's right, add a dog to that mix and you've got major cute overload.


I know, it wasn't even fair really to add cute animals to twins. Now you've just lost your composure completely, right? How flipping cute! I think I have it figured out. The cuteness code, that is. If you've got one bunch of adorableness, just add another and it's enough to make your heart explode.

Sure if you're the one living with them, they're twice as much work. Two feedings, two sets of diapers, two opportunities for middle of the night awakenings. But aren't the two loads of cuteness a massive payoff?

Do you have adorable twins?


Image via YouTube

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