Parents Turn to Sad Work to Keep Their Baby Fed

Taking care of a baby is very, very expensive. We need a lot more than love to feed, clothe, and educate little ones, especially before they turn 5 and can attend public school. Tyler and Berkley appeared on Our America With Lisa Ling to tell their story of recession hardship and it's a doozy.

The two had been together for about five years when Berkley got pregnant at 19. Without a college degree, Berkley could only get short-term work as a cocktail waitress in a night club, and Tyler said he was only getting jobs that made less than $350 a week. Both members of the good-looking couple knew something else, though. They knew they could make money by having sex online. The first night they tried it, they made $300 in 30 minutes. A new career was born. One that doesn't even require them to get out of bed.

Even though the story ends happily -- the couple has a lot of money now -- I am not sure it's a happy story. In fact, it's very sad.


There will come a day when their child will ask them what they do and they will have to tell her. And even if they've stopped by then, what is the long-term effect?

No one can pretend that having sex in front of millions is really going to be good for their relationship. Things will escalate or change or someone will recognize them or they will feel dirty. Selling one's body -- however innocent it may seem -- is almost never going to have a happy ending.

If her parents end up splitting up because they can't look at each other anymore, have they really done anything that helps their child? Or is her life worse because of it?

Times are hard and these parents are being creative and thinking outside the box. But they should be thinking longer term, as any parent should, and should realize that cash in hand now could be doing long-term, serious damage.

As parents we need to think years in advance, not just days. The decisions we make now will affect our children for years to come.

Do you think this is a bad decision?


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