Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz Baby Is a Daddy Double

javier bardem and penelope cruz
Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz
Whichever parent Leo Bardem ended up taking after -- dad Javier Bardem or mom Penelope Cruz -- the kid was bound to hit the good lookin' jackpot! Usually it takes a while to be able to tell this kind of thing about a child, but at 8 months old, it's already clear who Leo's gonna look like when he grows up: Daddy Dearest!

A recent shot of the Academy Award-winning actor and his little boy lunching al fresco in Italy shows that the baby is a virtual Javier Mini Me!

Those sultry eyes ... that pouty mouth ... dang, that boy has Future Heartbreaker written all over him.


Of course, the shots of Leo and his mommy are pretty much beyond adorable, too. In fact, the three of them together are such a handsome crew, I can barely stand it!

Now all that's missing is a teeny-weeny Penelope Cruz doppelganger.

Celeb bump watch, anyone??

Doesn't little Leo Bardem look just like his dad?


Image via Splash

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