Pregnant Mom Sacrifices Life So Baby Can Live

mother dies baby livesPrepare for a Steel Magnolias moment, people. If you can take in this story without crying, then you might be under sedation. Stacie Crimm at age 41 discovered she was pregnant. While she was overjoyed, it was a few months later that strange things started happening to the single mom.

In between being ecstatic about bringing a baby into her life, Crimm suffered severe headaches and double vision. She knew something was wrong, so she asked her brother to take care of her unborn baby in case she didn't live. Her diagnosis of cancer in her head and neck only confirmed what she already knew, but Crimm was determined to have her baby girl and refused treatment that could harm the baby growing inside.

Now the challenge was to live long enough to see baby Dottie, and Crimm almost didn't make it.


This is where the tears well up. As Crimm's health began a severe decline, and the tumor began to wrap around the brain stem, her oxygen levels decreased and the baby's heart rate plummeted. Baby Dottie Mae was delivered by C-section weighing only 2 pounds and 1 ounce. Dottie Mae was rushed into neonatal intensive care and it looked like her mother wasn't going to live long enough to even see her baby's face. But after a few days, Stacie Crimm did get off the ventilator that was keeping her alive and for a moment there was hope.

Until on September 8 when Crimm stopped breathing and was technically dead. As she was resuscitated, one nurse decided that this mother needed to see her baby before she died, since they had been separated after the preemie was born and had never been together. So baby Dottie was brought into Crimm's hospital room for the first and last time to meet her mother. Three days later Stacie Crimm died.

While it's possible that Crimm would not have been able to fight off such an aggressive form of cancer whether she had been pregnant or not, her family will never know. Her brother and his wife will raise Dottie Mae, and they believe that this is exactly what Stacie would have wanted: To make the ultimate sacrifice for this little girl. I can't help but wonder if this would be a choice I could make if I had to choose between my own life and the life of my unborn baby.

Leaving a baby without a mother (and the father was never named) seems unthinkable. Dottie Mae is in great hands, as it seems like Crimm's brother and sister-in-law are more than willing and able to raise the little girl along with their own children and provide a wonderful home. Something Stacie Crimm knew all along. It was a brave choice, and one that had to have been unbelievably difficult, but ultimately rewarding as Stacie Crimm had baby Dottie Mae laid on her chest to say hello and goodbye.

Could you give your life for your unborn baby?


Image via Frank de Kleine/Flickr

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