Why a Mommy Salary Makes Sense

mommy salary
I Should Be Getting Paid for This
In the ongoing struggle of making motherhood work in the modern world, one leader has stepped forward in an attempt to give value to stay-at-home moms. Monetary value, that is, I think we can all agree that stay-at-home moms true value cannot be overstated. Yes? Yes.

Wendy Luhabe, a South African businesswoman who is consistently recognized as a leading entrepreneur made a proclamation for all the right reasons. Luhabe is suggesting that mothers who choose to stay home with the children get a "mommy salary" of 10% of their spouse's income in order to give monetary reward to moms making that choice.

While I can get behind this idea, I do think that number is a little bit low.


Luhabe also makes the point that the benefit in having children raised by their mothers will pay off for the rest of society. I totally agree. And that women may lose the resentment that may come from feeling like they're stuck in an undervalued position in the family. Again, I'm totally with you there, Luhabe. I like the way this lady thinks!

But wouldn't 50% be a little bit more appropriate? After all, if you're both going to be contributing to the household bills, groceries, and everything else why not make it even? Especially if, by raising secure kids who always have at least one parent around, you're actually helping reduce crime rates (in the long run), and increase the possibility of children staying in school and graduating. Really, that's a huge service to your world, and your community. 50% of a salary really isn't too much to ask. Especially when one could really value a stay-at-home mom's salary at $115,000.

Still, I'll take 10%. It's really the thought that counts, right?

Would you want a mommy salary?

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