Tiny Baby 'Talking' to Mom Shows What Makes Parenting Worth It (VIDEO)

talking babyMy dad used to joke that parents spend all this time anticipating the moment their child says their first words, and when the kids finally really start talking, all we want to do is get them to be quiet! Now mothering a 6-year-old who talks a mile a minute, I finally get what he meant. I'd love to get a word in edgewise!

But a sweet video of a baby girl carrying on a "conversation" with her mom makes me feel better instantly. Remember the days when all you wanted was for your baby to TALK to you? Not just cry. Not just poop. Not just sleep. But acknowledge that you're a person too?


The little girl and her mom -- Lily and Kristen (not sure which one is which!) -- are really cooing more so than talking, but it's so in tune that it seems like the infant is really "getting" the concept of a back-and-forth:

Considering she's in a Bumpo (love her mom's reference to the Shrek chair) and can't quite sit up, and based on her cooing, I'm going to wager a guess that this sweetie is no more than maybe 3 months old? That's before they really start adding in "Mama" or "Dada" or any of the stuff that really sounds like it could be a word.

I can't say I remember that time all that clearly. Give me a break: I was back at work and still getting up in the middle of the night with a baby. But I do remember the time when I realized my daughter actually paid attention to me as more than just the mysterious figure supplying food and changing a soaked diaper. It was magic.

All that exhaustion (the stuff that clouds my memory) just wiped away, and I remembered why parenting was so grand. Sometimes I need that reminder with the chattering 6-year-old!

How about you? Do you remember that moment when your child really seemed to realize you were there?


Image via YouTube

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