5 Reasons Why Ozzy Osbourne Will Be the Best Grandpa Ever (VIDEO)

ozzy osbourne piers morganCongratulations, Jack Osbourne! Another heir to the Rock Dynasty that is The Osbournes will be arriving soon, courtesy of Jack and his fiance, Lisa Stelly. And you know what that means ...

The Prince of Darkness is going to be a grandpa!!!

Jack broke the news to dad Ozzy and mom Sharon on Piers Morgan Tuesday night, and Ozzy's reaction was nothing short of adorable!

"Blaflarghabmrrrble!" he shouted, getting up from his chair and throwing his arms in the air.

(Yeah, I have no idea what the hell he said. But he seemed very pleased.)


I'm thrilled for Jack and even more thrilled for this baby. Because come on, who are we kidding, Ozzy is going to be the coolest grandpa in the history of grandpas. Why?

  1. Ozzy will be the first adult ever to understand baby talk. The baby will be the first human ever to understand Ozzy talk.
  2. Ozzy will never say these words: "Keep the noise down!"
  3. Ozzy will buy his grandchild very interesting pets. "Grandpa, do you know what happened to my bat?"
  4. Ozzy will never force his grandchild to go to church on Sunday. Nope. Not ever.
  5. Ozzy will turn Grandparents' Day at school into the best day of the year.

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Don't you wish Ozzy was your grandpa?


Image via toofab

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