Mowry Twins Become Unlikely Advocates for Breastfeeding

tia and tamera mowry breastmilkAs any child of the '90s will know, Tia and Tamera Mowry are hilarious. Any other Sister Sister fans in the house? That show not only made me desperate for an identical twin, but desperate for more Jackee Harry in my life. Anyway, Tia and Tamera now star in their eponymous reality show about one being pregnant and the other being engaged. The comedy pretty much writes itself. Especially in the scene where Tia insists Tamera take a swig of her breast milk.

Buzzfeed calls the clip "horrifying" but surprisingly enough to this non-mom, when one twin drinks the other's breast milk, it's not horrifying at all. In fact, it's actually kind of enlightening.


I know, I know, breastfeeding is the, but all I'm saying is that I expected to be a little grossed out and I wasn't.

Tamera was reluctant at first to try her twin's juice, but after a little convincing, she goes for it and doesn't regret it. "It tastes like a chai tea latte but without the chai!" Then both sisters have sips, extoll the virtues of its sweetness, and breastfeeding fans go nuts everywhere.

WATCH Tamera drink sister Tia's breast milk:

Do you think breast milk tastes like a chai tea latte?


Photo via YouTube

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