Techy Parents Create Cutest Baby Intro Ever (VIDEO)

balloon pregnantWhen it comes to ways women introduce their new babies to the world, technology has ensured that the sky is the limit. Tweets as baby's crowning. Giving birth live on the Internet. But one couple's tech-infused birth announcement is so sweet, it almost makes up for all the oversharing moms trawling the interwebs. 

A VIMEO user named Don Rob and his wife used a series of still images melded together to form a moving video of her pregnancy from the days when she had no tummy all the way through to the surprising arrival of little Althea Elicona. And by surprise, I promise there is no "OMFG, my eyes, my eyes!" Take a look:


Didn't that make you smile? Because if it didn't, please leave the Internet and seek out some ice cream, stat, as you are in need of a soul improvement. Back? OK, so ...

Seriously, the family's introduction of their little bundle could serve as a tutorial in how to share the good news on the Internet. I tend to think the oversharing types have made such a bad name for the rest of us that people's eyes glaze over before these types of videos begin. But this one is clever but not smarmy (ergo, not leeching too far into "slick hipster" version of smarts), and the surprise ending just melts your heart. They almost could have done ANYTHING up until that point, and you'd still have to say "awwwww."

Have you seen anything that can top this?

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