Many of Us Regret the Baby Name We Picked


unhappy baby nameIf you've got the 15th Olivia or Aiden in your child's kindergarten class, you're going to feel one of two ways about it: Hooray! I picked such a popular name! Or, ohmygod, what's my problem? How boring am I, really? Hopefully it's the former, and you never give a second thought about what other people think about the baby name you chose. But according to a study by, at least 8 percent of us regret the name we chose for our kid.

And according to a poll I just took at The Huffington Post, that number is even higher at 11.56 percent dissatisfied baby namers (see above graphic). Which means there are quite a few parents out there who wish they could go back in time and get a do-over when it's time to fill out the birth certificate. The reasons why most parents aren't happy with the names they gave their offspring might surprise you.

Parents who picked names so other people would think they were cool later regretted it. And those who were surprised by the rash of Jacobs in their pre-school when they thought they were being original. So either way, it comes down to what other people might be thinking of your baby naming skills. To which I say, let it go!

If you love the baby name you chose for your child, what's going on around you should be of little consequence. (Except for those people who named their son Adolf Hitler -- you guys suck.) The fact is even if you totally jumped the hipster shark with a baby name, everyone who knows little Thelonious will get used to his clunker of a name in about five sayings.

The kid is more important than the name. A lesson parents of a Sophie should have learned, instead of changing her name to Isadora once she entered pre-school. While you should give some thought to your baby's moniker, too much thought will probably land you in that club of the "I thought I was so cool!" instead of being satisfied with your first parenting decision.

Do you regret your baby's name?


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Sinat... SinatrasKitten

Nope not at all. I have always loved the name Andrew... and it fits my son perfectly! :)

LKRachel LKRachel

We named our daughter after my grandmother.  Something I had always wanted to do but we still waited to see if it fit after she was born.  Of course we were super overwhelmed and were just like, um, sure it fits!  and of course I can't imagine it any other way now, but at the time it seemed crazy.  But we've had no regrets at all, I think naming a baby after someone who is special to you is an easy way to circumvent name regret.  even if there are a TON of Helen's when she gets to preschool, she's always named after a very special Helen Louise and we'll tell her why.

sara_... sara_7106

We gave it a lot of thought and I have no regrets. Tessa fits her perfectly and is somewhat uncommon without being wacky.

ChicH... ChicHippie

Nope we love it! Get lots of compliments on it although people say its a little long.. its 1 letter longer than Matthew... its not that bad people!

Melis... Melissa042807

I don't regret my son's name at all - it's perfect for him - but between when I had him and right now, it seems like a million other little boys with his name have popped up. What the heck? I thought we had happened to pick a name that wasn't insanely popular. Oh well. Ya win some, ya lose some. 

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

My daughter is 5 and named Shameeka Badida Jemima Jefferson, my son is 6 and named

Mufasa DaMarkus JaMarion Jefferson, and my daughter is 7 and named

Joseefaka Lameetria KaJayla Jefferson, and my son is 8 and named

QuanDarion FlaKyron Bojyeron Jefferson II

jpfsmom jpfsmom

My former co-worker named her child Britknee (pronounced Britney)...I think mom is too stupid to regret it but when her daughter ends up on the pole, she may have second thoughts.

nonmember avatar Tabitha

@Lucretia, you have got to be kidding me! I really hope that is a joke. Those are the most stereotypical names you could ever give to children. They will be ridiculed and never taken seriously in the adult world. Do yourself, and the world, a favor and DO NOT have any more children.

Jessica Moseley

@Tabitha, Lucretia is our Troll at the Stir. Enjoy the since of Humor she brings. She makes me giggle.

Stacey Busenbark Sanders

I love my daughters name, but, I do regret the spelling. While it looks beautiful when handwritten-Ryleigh- it is a pain for people to spell/pronounce ( she gets called Raleigh a lot) I should have known better, I had an extremely difficult last name growing up :-(

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