January Jones Is Just Like Non-Celeb Moms

January Jones is back at work just a few weeks after giving birth to her first child -- a son she named Xander. As a single mom, Jones has no time to waste and had to hurry back to work on the set of Mad Men with an almost non-existent maternity leave.

It is sad, of course. But she worked while her baby slept in the trailer, presumably watched by a nanny and then she hurried back to him in between takes. It's not ideal, but it is not awful, either. Jones makes more money than many can even imagine so she can afford good help tailor made for her and her schedule.

The problem is, this is also the norm for women who are not wealthy and beautiful. Many of them also have to return to work so quickly. The maternity leave policies in this country are atrocious, embarrassing and worse than almost any other country.


For many women, the option to take off more than one month is simply not financially feasible. Many offices do not offer paid leave beyond four weeks and some women simply can't afford FMLA, which only guarantees the job for three months of UNPAID leave.

It is abysmal. Even three months is simply not enough for most moms. I feel very blessed and lucky that I was able to take three years after my first child but that was no thanks to my job, which showed almost zero flexibility. I was told it was back to work five days, 40 hours in the office or nothing.

I had to quit. Luckily I had a husband who was able to cover us with insurance and pay all of our bills on his salary. But I don't only work for money. I also work because I like it and because it is important to me to have a job and to keep my skills vital.

Finding a job where I have balance was one of the best things to happen to me and I am grateful for it, but Jones and I are in the minority. Most women do not have these options. They have to go into an office or a retail store or wherever their job physically is located in order to do it.

We need to focus more on better options for women who work. It should not be so hard to find balance after baby. We would all be so much happier, our babies most of all.

Did you have to go back to work quickly?



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