Actress Jennifer Connelly Spaced Her Kids the Right Way

Having two children or more is no walk in the park. Whoever said that two kids is twice as hard clearly didn't have two kids. Because it's exponentially more difficult, especially when you have those kids close together. Smarter people -- like actress Jennifer Connelly -- space them out.

The 40-year-old actress and mom has a 4-month-old baby as well as two sons, aged 8 and 14. Truly, if you're going to have three kids, it's a genius way to space them. My children are 18 months apart and it took years for me to even be able to think straight again. I was always pulled in two directions and someone was always trying to kill someone else.

Meanwhile, my sister and I were eight years apart and, though it took us much longer to get close, it was certainly much easier on my parents. After all, by the time my sister was 4, I could babysit for long periods of time.


My parents tried to be respectful and not ask me all the time, but it was great if my mom needed to run to the store or fetch someone from the airport or even just go for a run. There I was and it was no big deal.

She could trust me not to kill my sister. Unlike my situation with my two children, my mom always knew I was looking out for my little sister. Sure there was some sibling stuff, but generally speaking, I was self sufficient. My 18-month-old, on the other hand? Was not.

I am thrilled that my two children are close to one another. But for the parents, long spacing is so much easier. Our youngest is now a little over 3, and my guess is that if we have a third, it won't be for at least three or four years. This means the distance between that child and my oldest would be about nine years.

Now, obviously, I wouldn't expect her to babysit all the time. But at least I could focus a bit more on my baby, unlike when I had two babies at the same time.

I was told close spacing was the way to go and, truth be told, my kids are so close I wouldn't have it any other way. But a girl can fantasize. And there are times I think the Connelly way is much, much smarter.

How far are your kids apart? Are you happy with it?

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