How to Make Sure You Have a Skinny Baby

skinny babies
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Another study about babies and weight is out, and yes, again it's a "duh" moment. Apparently thin parents make thin children. Yes. It's totally true. Your genetic material is passed on to your children when you're growing the little babies in your womb. Who knew?  

We all knew.

Of course we need to focus on healthy eating. Of course we need to set a good example by eating well in front of our kids. But obviously if we tend to store the fat, or shed it easier, our kids could have these same traits. You know what else your baby might inherit from you?

  • Brown eyes
  • A short temper
  • Artistic talent
  • A smart mouth
  • A love for cheese
  • Math ability
  • A crooked nose

Basically, EVERYTHING.

So I'm not sure exactly why this study was done, since it seems obvious. And why are we talking about weight, when it comes to babies, anyway? Should we really be pinching baby rolls or shaking our heads over the little guy's tiny tush?

Of course if your baby isn't thriving, you want to find out why and make sure he's getting the proper nutrition. But rolly-polly babies can be incredibly healthy, unless you're giving a 9-month-old candy and sticks of butter. (You're not, are you?) Tiny babies can also simply be shaking what their mama gave them -- which is not much.

Obsessive monitoring of your child's weight is unhealthy. Let's just enjoy them, at every size, and stop trying to get one of those skinny babies, 'kay?

Do you think this study is as ridiculous as I do?

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