Mom Tries to Sell Baby for $15,000: Too Expensive?


baby sells for $15K
I'm worth how much?
A new mom is facing felony charges after selling her baby to a friend for $15,000. Bridget Wismer says, however, it's not what it looks like. What it looks like is this single mom, who lives with her other two children and her own mother, unexpectedly got pregnant. She is unemployed and had no way to care for the baby, so she either gave or sold the baby to her friend Jack Gavaghan -- who is also facing charges. The fact that Jack gave her $15,000 seems like, hey, he just bought himself a baby. But Wismer insists that he was just helping her out during a hard time.

Either way, dude got a baby, and the mom got $15K. Seems like some kind of transaction happened, whether the lady tried to get cash money for her newborn or not. While I know selling babies is illegal, it does make you wonder: Is $15,000 too much money to spend on one baby?

Not knowing the going rate for a black market baby, I have no idea. But if I were going to go out and try to purchase a baby, I'd think that maybe $5K would do the trick. After all, one lady only asked for $500 for her newborn, is this other baby that much better? So I decided to do a little research.

It turns out that Bridget priced that baby right.

Agency adoptions can wind up costing between $5,000 to $40,000, and even more depending on expenses like travel or birth mother requirements. IVF also costs between $12,000 and $15,000 on average for a treatment. And that's just one treatment. I'm starting to think this lady really did her homework before trying to sell a baby for $15,000. All the more reason to think she probably was selling her baby, and not just getting "help from a friend," who also happens to have her newborn baby boy.

The baby is now in foster care, where the caregiver will receive foster care reimbursement of about $500 per month.

Do you think this lady was trying to sell her baby?

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RaeAn... RaeAnne.USAF

Did she just give the baby to him or did he adopt the baby? Is he adopted or was in the process if adopting the baby then no she's not selling her child anymore than adoption agencys sell children. Lots of surrogete mothers are paid huge amounts of money. It's how the system works. I think they should drop the charges.

nonmember avatar Marv

i'd much rather see moms selling their unwanted babies rather than doing the Casey Anthony approach, this world i scorrupt from the government outward if you ask me, its all about greed and money! What ever happened to 1 nation under God? hmmm

nonmember avatar cheryl

Unexpectedly got pregnant? After 2 kids she doesn't know having sex can get her pregnant?
She should ave a tubal ligation. Condoms can break,but if you cut,tie,burn those tubes,your baby making days are over.
Probably the best choice for someone that probably can't afford to raise the kids she already has.

Darlene Wdarlene

What is the difference between infertile couples `buying' a baby by cover of `adoption expenses' from some lofty lawyers office/agency...whatever?  Sounds to me liket he woman lives in poverty and wanted to have this baby cared for.  She didn't have the baby at home and toss the infant in a dumpster like so many others do. This is just an expample of how societyrich government treats it's poorest citizens. 

butte... buttercup627

I used to work for a homosexual man, he and his life partner paid $100,000 in medical and surrogate fees for just one of their daughters. Pregnancies are expensive! I think it's better that the child be with a family that can afford to love and support them.

The problem is this could open a can of worms. Like it may be appropriate in one case but I can see how these situations can quickly get out of hand

Darlene Wdarlene

Cheryl......all I have to say is, could YOUR parents `afford' you when you were born? 

hutch... hutchfam2007

wow. you would have to be delusional to think that this would work without being caught...

Franc... Francine4ever

They should face charges. Even if this was a best case scenario you cannot just "give" your child away to someone without taking the proper legal measures. Child welfare may not be perfect, but can you imagine the horrors if we didn't have it? Some people would sell their "unwanted" kids to organ farmers or serial abusers.  

Don't see what legally adopting homosexual or heterosexual couples have to do with this story.

Or why one poster thinks that gay couples should HAVE to BUY babies because they are unfit!?!? If you believe they are unfit (and that's certainly YOUR opinion, not mine) why would you subject a child to their lifestyle at any cost?! It sounds like you are saying that you don't care for gay people and that children are a material good to sell or withhold to indicate your displeasure. That sounds like the more  societally problematic lifestyle in my opinion!

Darlene Wdarlene

Francine....that's NOT what I said.  You just gave some big speech over absolutely nothing.  I could care less whom is gay, straight, bi.......whatever!  Parents are a MOM AND DAD..........not 2 dads, not 2 moms.  Save your platform for a more worthy purpose. LOL  You have your opinion and that is fine.  We don't agree...that's fine.  Peace.

nonmember avatar olivia

I only got $11,000 when I sold mine!

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