Mom Tries to Sell Baby for $15,000: Too Expensive?

baby sells for $15K
I'm worth how much?
A new mom is facing felony charges after selling her baby to a friend for $15,000. Bridget Wismer says, however, it's not what it looks like. What it looks like is this single mom, who lives with her other two children and her own mother, unexpectedly got pregnant. She is unemployed and had no way to care for the baby, so she either gave or sold the baby to her friend Jack Gavaghan -- who is also facing charges. The fact that Jack gave her $15,000 seems like, hey, he just bought himself a baby. But Wismer insists that he was just helping her out during a hard time.

Either way, dude got a baby, and the mom got $15K. Seems like some kind of transaction happened, whether the lady tried to get cash money for her newborn or not. While I know selling babies is illegal, it does make you wonder: Is $15,000 too much money to spend on one baby?


Not knowing the going rate for a black market baby, I have no idea. But if I were going to go out and try to purchase a baby, I'd think that maybe $5K would do the trick. After all, one lady only asked for $500 for her newborn, is this other baby that much better? So I decided to do a little research.

It turns out that Bridget priced that baby right.

Agency adoptions can wind up costing between $5,000 to $40,000, and even more depending on expenses like travel or birth mother requirements. IVF also costs between $12,000 and $15,000 on average for a treatment. And that's just one treatment. I'm starting to think this lady really did her homework before trying to sell a baby for $15,000. All the more reason to think she probably was selling her baby, and not just getting "help from a friend," who also happens to have her newborn baby boy.

The baby is now in foster care, where the caregiver will receive foster care reimbursement of about $500 per month.

Do you think this lady was trying to sell her baby?

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