Jenna Fischer Hid Something About Her New Baby

Jenna Fischer, the actress who plays pregnant Pam on The Office, welcomed a son with her husband, writer Lee Kirk. The boy, whom they have named Weston Lee, is said to be healthy and his parents are over the moon. And the biggest shock of the whole thing is that little Weston is already more than 10 days old.

Somehow they managed to keep the birth under wraps for days. This is no small feat in our celebrity-obsessed culture. And certainly, they needed that time.

Having a new baby is such a deeply personal experience. No matter how many millions of people have done it throughout history, it's always a huge shock for the new mom and dad no matter how well they prepared.


It's so good for them to be able to take some private time to cocoon, to focus on their life changes, and to really be a family.

For celebrities like Fischer, the concept of "privacy" is something else entirely. If she had announced the baby, everyone would have been vying for a photo, trying to get some shot of the new family, and otherwise invading what should be a relaxing, amazing time in the life of the new parents.

Somehow, they managed the impossible. They kept their secret under wraps and got a few days of luxurious and beautiful privacy so they could become a family. Good for them. What an amazing thing for everyone.

Also: Isn't the name just adorable? Congratulations to the new family!

Do you think it's weird that they hid it?

Image via NBC

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