Bullies Fail to Make Circumcision Illegal


california circumcision banSorry California intactivists, your attempt to make everyone else's parenting decisions has been thwarted. Governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill preventing local governments from banning male circumcision. So San Francisco and Santa Monica, you are way out of luck. While Governor Brown didn't make a statement as to why he supported the bill, it seems that Governor "Moonbeam" came down to earth and realized that interfering with religious tradition is never a great idea. Given that the Muslim and Jewish population in California is not insignificant, he really didn't have any choice but to stop the madness.

Banning male circumcision is akin to making it a crime to feed your children non-organic food. While I may not see the point in circumcising a baby boy, or feeding my kids food with pesticides, it's none of my business what my neighbor is doing

Circumcision has been shown to be helpful in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. This is one argument on the pro side that you can't ignore. Or you can, but you shouldn't force everyone else to ignore it just because you do. We all make decisions regarding the health of our children every single day. As long as that doesn't interfere with anyone else's health and well-being and doesn't harm our child, it's no one's business. Especially not the government's.

Again, I'm not pro-circumcision, but if your religious or family tradition requires it, you should be allowed to proceed. Unlike female circumcision, it is not a procedure designed to cripple sexual desire, nor does it cause the kind of physical harm female genital mutilation does. It's not even close to the same. Not even close.

While I do believe more and more people will move closer to the anti-circ movement, there must be allowances for those who still practice the ritual. So feel free to spread the word, get information out there about your cause, but don't try to force everyone else to be exactly like you. That's just bullying, and it's wrong.

Do you think there should be a ban on circumcision?


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Melan... Melanie420

no its my kid, if you want your kid to get made fun of in the locker room go ahead, if you want to have to get your childs penis removed because of infections, im not stopping you, but ill do what I feel is best for MY child

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Great article! I am so tired of these self-righteous weirdos trying to tell everyone what to do with their kids. You're right, they are bullies. If they would put all of that energy into a cause that matters, they might accomplish something great!

hanna... hannahsmom238

Actually circumsion in the US can be traced back to the victorians. It actually was thought to prevent masterbation which at the time was thought to cause insanity. But, that's not really the point I'm glad this didn't pass if they outlaw circumsion what's next happy meals? Oh wait they already did that.

Subur... SuburbanMom190

I could not agree more! My sons were circumcized with anesthetic and actually slept through the procedure. I respect any parent's right NOT to circumcize their son but it really bothers me when people judge me for it.

2gran... 2grandelatte

*waits for shit storm in comment section"


Alexis Wright-Arrate

How about we ban INFANT circ and let ADULTS decide if they want COSMETIC surgery?

urtrn... urtrnngvlt

Melanie420: you're kind of an idiot.  The fact that you tried to make  those two incredibly stupid points just proves that you didn't actually do your research when you decided to circumsize your child.  Circumsized boys will be the minority in the locker room (only 32% of boys were circumsized in 2009), and with proper care infections shouldn't be an issue. Also if you're letting it get so bad that they have to "have your child's penis removed" they should also be removing the child from your care.

p.s. I am not really for or against circumcision.  I have one son who is, and one who isn't, but the difference is when I made the decision to get my first son done I said that I had no good reason other than that is what I wanted done.  I do not think it is medically necessary nor did I do it for religious reasons.  With my second the fact that I wanted it done simply was no longer a good enough reason.  So if you're going to get it done then at least stop making excuses for why you did it because none of them really hold any water.

Lisa Melo

I think the kids getting 'made fun of' in the locker room are the ones who are pointing out and talking about other kids' penis'.


jagam... jagamama0710

Uh the shitstorm very well could have started with melanie420's ignorant ass comment. You have cosmetic surgery done on your son bc you don't want him to be "made fun of"? You better make sure you get your daughter weight loss surgery if she starts to look a little chunky, and get her some implants while you're at it. She'll be real popular! Infections? Clean the damn thing, don't retract it before it retracts on its own and you're not likely to have a problem. My son is intact and 19 months old. Never had a problem. My husband is intact and 28. He's never had a problem. Give me a effin break. Your argument is flawed.

BTW, NOT circumcising is actually becoming more prevalent so pretty unlikely he'll be "made fun of the in the locker room" for his penis.

Tom Megginson

"don't try to force everyone else to be exactly like you. That's just bullying, and it's wrong."

What about dads who force their infant sons to have their penises cut exactly like them?

That's child abuse. And that's wrong... er.

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