Bullies Fail to Make Circumcision Illegal

california circumcision banSorry California intactivists, your attempt to make everyone else's parenting decisions has been thwarted. Governor Jerry Brown just signed a bill preventing local governments from banning male circumcision. So San Francisco and Santa Monica, you are way out of luck. While Governor Brown didn't make a statement as to why he supported the bill, it seems that Governor "Moonbeam" came down to earth and realized that interfering with religious tradition is never a great idea. Given that the Muslim and Jewish population in California is not insignificant, he really didn't have any choice but to stop the madness.

Banning male circumcision is akin to making it a crime to feed your children non-organic food. While I may not see the point in circumcising a baby boy, or feeding my kids food with pesticides, it's none of my business what my neighbor is doing


Circumcision has been shown to be helpful in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. This is one argument on the pro side that you can't ignore. Or you can, but you shouldn't force everyone else to ignore it just because you do. We all make decisions regarding the health of our children every single day. As long as that doesn't interfere with anyone else's health and well-being and doesn't harm our child, it's no one's business. Especially not the government's.

Again, I'm not pro-circumcision, but if your religious or family tradition requires it, you should be allowed to proceed. Unlike female circumcision, it is not a procedure designed to cripple sexual desire, nor does it cause the kind of physical harm female genital mutilation does. It's not even close to the same. Not even close.

While I do believe more and more people will move closer to the anti-circ movement, there must be allowances for those who still practice the ritual. So feel free to spread the word, get information out there about your cause, but don't try to force everyone else to be exactly like you. That's just bullying, and it's wrong.

Do you think there should be a ban on circumcision?


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